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Thankful To Be Here – It’s A Good Land – Australia!

It's good to be here in our Country friends - not as easy as many folks overseas think it is but it's better than living in some countries like the USA for instance, where things are more unpredictable than here I think. They have tumultuous weather conditions, violence and flareups on a pretty big scale there - we have so much to be grateful for.

According to Ecosia and other organizations who deal with Climate Change, our recent fires could have been avoided (mostly) if we were prepared. Our government has learnt a 3 Trillion Dollar lesson to avoid repeating that mistake - not to be compared to lives, for sure! We mostly have things good compared to many countries when you think of it.

Because we have been such a generous Country in showing Compassion towards those in need, our Government has allowed Thousands of Boat People and Migrants from other Lands to enter our shores over recent decades which has resulted in a huge deficit in Employment AND Houses for our own people. Our first responsibility is to LOOK AFTER US NOW the Best We Can, hey? Even a friend who has lived here 14 years from overseas made the same statement to me 7-8 years ago. It is so true!

I sited the following article a few days ago which shows that America has more than enough to worry about on top of the COVID 19 Pandemic and unrest of it's citizens and I'm thinking that as a Country, we need to 'stand on our own two feet' the BEST WE CAN in the near future, rather than relying on America so much as our Closest Ally because for some time now, they have big plans to look after their interests in a big way - not so much ours, as we have recently seen.

They are a very proud and patriotic Country. I heard their President say how they have given so much away, he is going to make things change for them! As usual, they will want to play the Leader - the biggest of this and the best of that, so to speak. I don't think they want to be anyone's big brother anymore. Not at the present time at-least with so many wounds, unrest and their President's loss of reputation with other countries.

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I wonder why we don't channel some of our interests towards some English speaking Countries in Europe where certain conditions are more stable?

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‘That’s Just What We Want’: Trump Reacts To News That Up To Six Hurricanes Could Lash USA. This Season Americans Should Expect An 'Above Average' 2020 Hurricane Season, Said FEMA Officials  

By Gino Spocchia – Independent UK – 29thMay 2020

Donald Trump has said that an “enhanced” hurricane season was “just what we want”, as officials announced up to six hurricanes could soon hit the US.

Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) arrived at the White House on Thursday to update the US president on 2020 hurricane season preparedness.

“So you think we can have a slightly enhanced hurricane season? That’s just what we want, that’s just what we want,” said Mr Trump on Thursday.

He then added: “Let’s see, hopefully that won’t be the case”.

The US president, who was receiving an update on hurricane preparedness from FEMA and Homeland Security officials, was told up to six hurricanes could come ashore this season, which officially starts on Monday although there have already been two named storms – Arthur and Bertha – this spring. Neither developed beyond tropical storm status.

The Homeland Security agency, which is dedicated to emergency management planning, announced that three to six major hurricanes could hit the US in the coming months.

“The big concern this year is the Atlantic Ocean. We’re expecting an above average year,” said a FEMA official.

“Like I said, this is above average, this does not necessarily mean they’ll make landfall.”

FEMA and Homeland Security officials then assured the president that federal agencies were prepared to manage the potential crisis. "FEMA is always ready, sir,” said the agency’s administrator.


For years, we have been looking to America as our Closest Ally and China as our Closest Trading Partner, both have acted very poorly toward us in recent times........should we not consolidate things the best we can here and maybe look to other countries for healthier relationships? That's what I'm wondering. Times are changing, that's for sure, and we need our present Government to adapt to these changes in a proactive way. Rather than feel defenseless and deserted as a people, we have the ANZAC SPIRIT which is strongly admired by many people Overseas.

We have strength to put up a Good Fight in these troubled times. I am not speaking about physical war here, I am speaking about Right winning over Wrong. And I can remember a good saying "UNITED We Stand, Divided We Fall" so let us Stand Together for Our Country - that includes those of European decent and Indigenous decent - and see this GREAT SOUTH LAND Win Victories in the very near future.

Have you heard about our recent Resources Boom in Gold? Australia is making a Third more than usual - a good increase. Also, our present Government has plans to Stabilize Our Economy very soon. For obvious reasons, their methods cannot be publicized over the worldwide Net, so what they can share with us is limited at this time. Good things are happening!

I have listed this post in Form Your Opinions category on your right (in addition to 3 other categories) because you may have opinions that differ a little to those I've expressed here. That's OK.

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