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We Are Custodians Of The Earth – Lets Take Care Of Nature And She Will Take Care Of Us

By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

Each Country, Each Person. With All Of Us Playing Our Part, There Is Still HOPE. Our Creator Knows Best And We Have Separated Ourselves From NATURE. Sadly But True. In PART, Many Are Waking Up To This, Governments, Countries And Individuals. We Have Made Advances In Clothing And Textiles, Technology And Manufacture Of Many Goods - We Have Much Knowledge In Recent Decades, Yet For The Most Part, We Remain Ignorant About NATURE And NATURE'S ROLE In Our Lives. This Post Is About How Each Of Us Can Make Meaningful Changes As Individuals And Families, Awareness Groups And A Nation, Here In Australia. If You Are Visiting This Website From A Different Country, Welcome, I Encourage You To Practice And Spread Principles You Will See In This Article.

On This Earth, In This 'Civilised' Generation, Indeed We Have Separated Ourselves And Our Children From The Benefits And Privileges Nature Has To Truly Endow Us With. It Goes Without Saying, How We Have Treated This Earth And Sea Very Poorly And Are Reaping Climate Changes Etc As A Result By Disturbing The Elements. We Have Tried To 'Better' Nature (In Her Wisdom) By Turning To Man-Made Medical Drugs And Chemical Agriculture.......In Doing So, We Have Made Ourselves Sick. This Speaks For Western Culture At-least.

See Things Clearly and Love Nature
Nature Will Love You

Consider Befriending Nature

We need to befriend Nature again. Some of you have been doing that over the last year in small ways and experiencing a difference - you are actually happier and healthier in this time which has caused Concern to so many!

We were never meant to be separate to Plants and Animals and Nature, yet most of us don't spare a few minutes to watch a Sunrise or a Sunset.......we're Late Nighters , wasting Valuable Nutritious Sleeping Hours, watching TV by the hour - not to mention Family Time which is precious - to the extent that some children are brought up mostly without it.

When it comes to Sunset, we're out at some Takeaway shop grabbing "food to eat" or putting some Prepacked Meal on, so we can save time to watch TV Programs or use our computers, whatever.

That isn't every family I know but it is in many and we need to take back or discover Quality of Life and program part of our day/evening around that. Those who do so don't look back.

Not only is life somewhat "fast paced" these days, many of us cram more things into it than necessary and need to slow down a little, for our health's sake and for our kids.

Whatever happened to Silence? So many avoid it, so to speak, and in doing so, deny themselves some peace and quiet (even in the evening). We weren't meant to live that way or 6-8 days at a time. We're not designed for it and that brings me to NATURE.

Many People In Some Cultures Are Smarter Than Westerners

In recent years (10-15) my Natural Health Research and other interests are showing me that people who live in different lands and islands where Organic Farming and Gardening are the NORM and have more Activity in their day without the 'modern conveniences' we have in Australia and the USA for instance, are Happier and Healthier whereas our Health as a Nation is 'poverty stricken' - we are more stressed than the Islanders and people in some European countries I can think of. Sorry, it's true.......they are much more in contact with Nature and are better off for it.

In Some Ways We Are Ahead - In Some Ways Behind

Sometimes I think how most of us go shopping for food and seldom think about the Crops and Farms our Fruits and Veggies come from. So modernised we are......we have had "washing germs away" so indoctrinated into us, some of us would freak out, so to speak, if we touched the SOIL with our hands or pat someone's Pet.........yet it is well established that the Healthiest Children have garden activities or pets. That regular contact helps to strengthen our Immune System.

Yes, only in the last few years, some of us have discovered our body has a MICROBIOME: A ratio of Good and bad bacteria (Microbes) that outnumber our Body Cells 10 to 1 and our state of health is to a big extent, determined by the HEALTHY FLORA (Good Bacteria over Bad Bacteria we have) so we need to look after this Ratio through Real Foods, Natural Healthy Foods, Walking And Exercise, Good Sleep, Time Outdoors and Contact with Nature. People in certain European countries are well aware of these things and are leading many health advocates into this experience - they have been practicing these principles and lifestyle for generations. That is why their skin is so healthy - not just the difference in climate.

They are much healthier and happier for these Values they possess. Also, their communications are more social on a daily basis than ours. It does us no favours to be lacking in simple social skills sometimes and we are of-course a young country compared to theirs but we can learn a lot from them and they are willing to teach us. You can find some of these people on YouTube Videos - they are so supportive.

In Australia (Western Countries)

Big Pharma and Big AG (Agriculture) have done us a real dis-service with the avalanche of chemicals they have imposed on us through the years. Neighbours from Kurdistan told me when they came here some years ago that all their produce is grown on virgin land (never touched by chemicals) and the term 'Organic' is never used there because everything is Organically Grown. They also reported to me that their Fruit is so Luscious and their Veggies so Tasty, there is no comparison, that ours is sadly lacking in taste after what they have been accustomed to and it was taking time getting used to the produce here. They did prefer other things here though.

Then a decade ago, they told me that some of their Farmers adopted the 'Modern Way' with Chemicals and where the Chemicals were being used, people were getting very sick. Next thing, they practiced Medical treatment and many people were not getting better.

Question For Australians And Government

Australia, what have we done to ourselves, welcoming such practices? We have stripped our soil of VITAL NUTRIENTS with Big AG's NPK Fertilisers, Toxic RoundUp and Chemical Pesticides. Toxic Chlorine in our Water Supplies that diminishes valuable Microbes in our Soil that makes it healthy and productive. So turns out the Fluoride they say is so good for dental health is actually not true - unlike the Natural Cell Salt called Calcium Fluoride that is good for dental health and the Elasticity of our Skin, plus other benefits, Sodium Fluoride is a nasty Toxic Chemical (one of the worst known to mankind) that was used in Nazi Camps in Hitler's regime to keep men and women docile so they did not retaliate - we've been sold on LIES. So happens that the Wax they coat our Apples with (and some other fruits like Strawberries) has a Chemical in it called Aluminum Fluoride (a double whammy).

People of Australia, appears we have been Duped and we ALL need to SPEAK UP!

Can you remember, that Sodium Fluoride was placed in our wonderful Blue Lake in Mt Gambia SA against the people's expressed wishes a few years back? We live in a Free Country Yes but Not altogether FREE as long as those practices exist friends. No, we should Speak Up about those things and place pressure on our Governments (State and Federal) to respond. Enough is Enough! Allow them no rest in this area of concern, till they respond favorably and implement changes necessary for Our Health and Wellbeing. We need to Start REDUCING the CHEMICALS in Our Land and Health Care.

Say NO To Monsanto!

You should also read the Post on GMOs (genetically modified 'foods') HERE. Truth is that they Don't favour good Health at all - far from it! And you should know that Monsanto (the company who is making and promoting GMOs) have in fact been found to be notorious criminals. I kid you not. You only have to do a Google Search to confirm that. They sound so 'caring and innocent' in their Campaigns I know. But did you know they have been through Multiple Lawsuits, yet they continue their Demise as if people's lives and Health don't matter. They major on skillfully crafted Lies. They don't care about you or your kids or anyone else. They have committed one of the Worse Atrocities to Nature and continue their Merciless Campaign with unmatched GREED for Everyone's Dollar at the EXPENSE of your Health.

Sorry to say, if you believe otherwise, you need to be Rightly Informed.

Some people say to Anti GMO Activists "You're an enemy to Science" and my stand is "I would rather be an enemy to Science than an enemy to Nature!"

Let me show you a definition for Big Ag that surfaced in my research today by By Andrew Porterfield. It's a term used by Activists. Italics are my words.

When opponents to the first wave of genetically modified crops and foods started objecting, one major focus was on the Corporations behind innovations like Bt corn or Roundup Ready soybeans - Bt stands for BioTECH.

“Big Ag” has become an all-encompassing term to describe a world in which all farms are owned by major Corporations, which also control the nation’s (if not the world’s) supply of seeds, plants, food, machinery and land. However, it is not entirely clear that this world actually exists. That's their intentions.

GMO-opposition groups like Greenpeace - based on truth - point to “Big Ag” as the consolidation of farming into Corporations that, among other things, are forcing (heavily and relentlessly promoting) transgenic and other modified foods upon us:

Industrial Ag is a system with an expiration date. - hopefully that is - It’s only a few decades old but just start adding up the environmental costs we are incurring by this broken system. More and more polluted waterways, clear-cut forests and using megatons of greenhouse gases. It’s quite simply unsustainable. Thousands of workers in this Industrial Farming System see what’s going on. They are on the frontline witnessing the havoc caused by this system run amok. Field workers are forced to spray unnecessary toxic chemicals on their crops. Giant Corporations sue small farms when patented GMO seeds accidentally blow into their fields.


Friends this is the type of thing that goes on behind the scenes you never hear about. In the main, Australia has resisted the likes of Monsanto for 14 years. We need to keep things that way! Early last year, the South Australian Government weakened their stand during the distraction of COVID, giving Farmers free choice if they wish to use those 'Corrupted Seeds' and Toxic Herbicides, they will have to use much more of if they choose to go that way. Plus it simply is not fair to neighbouring Farmers and Orchardists. European Countries, Russia and others have not Banned this 'Franken-Seed' and warned us for nothing. The True Stories are quite ugly. Seriously, what more proof do we need?

All These Perfectly Legal - How Can It Be?

I thought our Governments were Smarter in their decisions but it wouldn't be the first wrong one they've made. We have SO MANY CHEMICAL SPRAYS.....Big Pharma's Risky Vaccines and Toxic Medical Drugs Etc.

Where am I going next with this Post? It's positive. Find out.

Did You Know These GOOD THINGS?

We need to Speak Up and Encourage More Progress in some areas of Research, Experiments and Implementation that's going on through the CSRIO and other Official Departments and Groups more akin to Nature, who are approaching the Government in recent times. Also, there are some Good People who are capable of envisioning and instigating things - we need to support them, even if it's sending Commendations their way and spreading the word for them.


Did you know the CSIRO Department have two projects going for AUSTRALIAN Non GMO Cotton Naturally Coloured instead of Toxic Chemical Dyes and they are also exploring how to make Cotton stretch instead of wearing so many Polyester clothes and similar. See HERE

Did you know that a Professor and Researcher have been running Field Trials of Growing Flowers with Veggie Crops as a Natural Deterrent to Insect Pests? See HERE

Did you know that the SA Government backed up a project to place Lots of Beehives in KUITPO Forest to support the life of Bees and Encourage Pollination throughout the surrounding Southern Fruit Trees districts? See HERE

Did you know a Father and Son team designed a Special Beehive so you can Turn on a TAP to pour the Honey straight into jars or containers without disturbing the bees? Nicer for them, nicer for us. See HERE

Did you know you can make your own batches of Kombucha, Kefir and Kimchi for a fraction of the price you buy them for in speciality stores and supermarkets, that are an excellent option to probiotic supplements to strengthen your Microbiome? They are Rich in Probiotics. See HERE

Did you know that Camping in Nature with natural light and nightfall and Fresh Air, improves your Circadian Rhythm and Resets the Sleep Clock in your brain, helping you with Sleep Restoration when you return - if you don't spoil this with bad habits? See HERE

Did you know you can grow certain plants that draw Beneficial Insects that will take care of the bad insects for you, so you won't need to use toxic powders and sprays? Organic Gardeners employ this method. See HERE

Did you know that watching Birds fly and feed and nestle in branches has been proven to make us Happier and Stress Less? See HERE

Did you know that Walking in Nature can be like an adventure - it can help your mind wind down and lessen some forms of anxiety and melancholy? It can also improve your sleep. See HERE

Did you know there is much benefits to be found in having more Green Spaces available in Cities and Suburbs: Housing Areas, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Prisons……psychologically, emotionally and even physically? Australian State Governments are instigating changes. See HERE

Did you know that Garden Activity in Daycare Centres improves Children’s Immune System and that Garden Window Views and Window Boxes helps the Well-Being of patients in Hospitals?  See HERE

Did you know that Sheep Dogs are now used to protect the lives of Penguins here in Australia now? An experiment they tried at Victor Harbour SA and Phillip Island in Victoria. This keeps our little Friends SAFE so we can go and visit them. See SOON

All these things and more, we can do or use that are NATURE FRIENDLY. We are Custodians, when we Befriend Nature....... Nature Looks After Us!

There's so many ways we can help Nature - see how many more you can find:)

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