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Faith In God Can Be Stabilising – Religions Can Be Destructive – There Is A Difference

Janet Vargas Owner Of This Website

Hi Friends, I have been sharing recently, how Jesus Came through for me in various situations in my life, on a different Website. I will never Impose Religion of any kind, but love His Words when they are not Misconstrued.

I encourage you to Stay With Me through this Article,
because some of it will really Resonate with Many of You.

Jesus told me through a Genuine Christian years ago, He is going to soften hard hearts through me (at some time in some way.)
I prefer people with soft hearts, to encourage and pray for them, you know? However, there’s been 4 decades of working parents now, in Western Countries, without closely-knit loving cultures like there are in some Countries. So many people have been brought up without the Love and Attention they needed from their Parents, when their emotions were developing and have developed a hard shell around their hearts.

How can they believe God Loves them if their Parents didn’t express love toward them? Their minds have been conditioned that way. Their parents were too Busy; too Materialistic; too Techy etc.

I believe it’s possible there won’t be a dry eye when they read some of my Testimonies on the other Website.

Bible says that “even some mothers will abandon their child (in our time) but I will not abandon you” and that our “God will turn (many) hearts of Parents to their Children, and Children’s hearts to their Parents” before Jesus Comes……that
“He shall Arise with Healing in His Wings” (figuratively speaking)
Healing hearts and souls.

Friends, He is interested in the activities of your day.
Religions can never bring this Healing, but He Can, for whoever opens up to Him.

Bible Speaks Of Our Time

Bible also says that “Great darkness will cover the Earth
(things will be extremely hard in our Day - they certainly are)
but My Light will Rise upon you” (people who are faithful to Him.)

But not selfishly, for He says “not to hide our Lamp under a bed” (figuratively speaking) but to show others the way to Him - how to open up and pray
(if there's a need, not impositions) and He gives this caution:
“if Salt has lost it’s flavor, it’s only good to be thrown away”
(that person does not help anyone or wish to do so.)

I have a saying that goes like this “Selfish people would be uncomfortable in Heaven.” So would the Nasty and Spiteful, the Reckless, the Unkind, Demeaning and Disrespectful, the Slanderers and Gossips, Bigots and Hypocrites.

Bible reveals that Hateful Islamics OR Fake Socialistic Christians will not be allowed Entrance because Jesus said He will say “Away from Me, I do not know you!” because they do not Love Him like we do our Loved Ones, and show Consideration for others.

He is not a spiteful, angry, vengeful God……but He does have His Standards – too many people want to live their way, do all manner of things and get into Heaven.

Peddlers Of Religion.

And as you know Friends? too many people defend their Religions to the hills and impose them on others, but they don’t really Love God as we should if we say we believe in Him. And that’s what He is after – not how much we obeyed our Religions, but how much we Love Him and place Him before Religions.

Religion can be a destructive thing in the wrong hands. Jesus said:
“to Love The Lord your God with all your heart and mind and strength
and treat others as we wish to be treated”.

Too many hate in the name of God like some Islamics, or reject Jesus like the Jews.

I agree with some people who say that “Religions have become one of the most devilish forces on this Earth.” In fact, I believe that many of them have become the Devil’s best weapon to put people off of God.

How can I say that?

If you look around you or do a quick research on Religions, you will find out Many of them promote Animosity and Bigotry; Deceptive Creeds; Unstable Teachings and Practices; and Religious Conjecture. Such people are not
– no way – given to Reason, but Religious Dogma.

And sad to say, they bring their Kids up in that stuff. It’s totally Unfair when Kids have no say in the matter – none whatsoever. But I do believe that every Child has a right to have an Awareness of a Loving Creator watching over them in this world – especially when their Parents are not with them. It most definitely is not right for Schools or Parents to Impose Atheistic mindsets on Children.

One of my Nieces planned to Leave Home when she was just 8 Years of Age.
She knew in her little heart, it was strange......Unhealthy.
Her Parents were in a Christian Cult and don't see anything wrong with it
to this day. She went as far as she could to a different State
and never saw them again. That was decades ago!

What Do I Mean By Destructive?

Through the years, I've Met and Known people from different Religions. All have an Equal Argument that "Their Religion is the Right Faith (system, pardon me) and Everyone Else is Wrong! They remind me of the Commercial Companies who always Insist there is NO Product Like Theirs! they all have their Version of Truth. I mean to say, how many "Only Truths" are there? Could be a pack of Lies and Fables, but it's Truth to them. Kind of like the Health Industry "Canola is the Healthiest" NO, that's a pack of Lies, it's actually the most Toxic! Most of them Claim that if you want to take the Escape Route from Hell, take Their Way:)

Honestly, like some of you, these people have tried to Impose their Beliefs on me through the years. I have heard All Manner of Dogma and actually commenced a Website 2 Years ago that deals with those, so Less Children are brought up in them. I think it's highly Unfair. I have a Really Nice Niece who was Messed up by being brought up in a Christian Cult and her parents have never apologized. Reprehensible! It took her many years to Recover - she certainly Knows her Ground Now. She has gone Simply Jesus, like myself (that is an expression, not a name.)

Someone I Met Today

I met a Girl in her 30s today who was very nice, but the moment she got onto her Religion, her heart was Hard as Bricks towards the "Unsaved" telling me "they have to do this and they have to do that" right there in a Health Shop! I left there and came back later to apologise for the instance I found myself involved in. I have a good relationship with them and they thanked me for being considerate.

When driving home, an illustration came to mind of "Americans going around with loaded firearms" and thinking hers was just a bit different. She believes in a "Predestination" teaching that some people are chosen, other people are not (to be Saved) not what my Bible tells me "Jesus turns No-One away who Comes to Him."

I recall her saying "It's not going to destroy Me"" (where people end up.)
Right! They need not "destroy" other people's Peace of Mind and barge in on their personal beliefs.

I knew a Mother in that Religion once who denied her own Daughter was Saved, who absolutely Loved Jesus, just because her experience did not fit their criteria.
Merciless Belief System that was!

My God Is Not Into "Belief Systems" Not Anyone's!
Take my Word for this, when I Say:
ALL Belief Systems have something in Common - their Teachings are Flawed!
(Somewhere, Somehow, Some Grossly.)


Half the time, THEY Need Saving (from what Ails them) - you do not want their Bondage.

That's what I call dangerous Religion, when it can even sever a Bond between Mother and Child. I reasoned with her - she would not budge!

Yet this Girl today said "It's not going to destroy Me!?" Good for you Girl!
You need to put your weapons away and do some Repenting yourself!

Fortunately a lot of people have left that Movement now and become Civilised Human Beings - very compassionate.

So ALWAYS avoid Religious Discussion of Any Kind
seems to be Good Advice for most of us Hey?

Watch out for some, because they are Devil's Merchants. UNHEALTHY.

She said "Oh, you're a Christian" and within minutes, I sensed she's one of the "Revivalist" people - stay well clear of them, if you Value your Peace of Mind.

Some Of The Most Destructive Religions To Avoid Are

JWs (Jehovah's Witnesses); Mormons; William Branham; Revivalists, New Apostolic

Some Of The Most Unstable Are

Pentecostal Of Any Kind aka Hillsong: Influencers; Futures; Bill Johnson's Bethel; IHOP; Kansas City Prophets.

So what do I mean by Simply Jesus?

No Complications for Starters. Religion really isn't my thing but I have Time for Jesus. I like to Keep things Simple and also Keep the Vitality in my Walk with Him.

The funny thing is Jesus has always given me Good Principles for Living; taught me to think for myself; given me Good Insight; has been a Stable Influence in my life; made me Caring and Considerate; given me a Good Sense of Values and I've had some Remarkable Experiences through the years that pretty much prove His existence. None of that is Unstable. Hey?

I wholeheartedly recommend that rather than impose.


I’m happy to say my heart belongs to Jesus alone (no complications) not Religion
of any kind (not even a place I fellow-shipped in my 20s I really enjoyed.)
I answer to Him only and are accountable for my actions, more than Churchy religious folk who look to man too much (whoever leads their church.)

I’m not perfect, no, but I wait to hear Jesus’ Words on that Day of His Coming
“Well done, good and faithful one, Come with Me” and to know He felt Loved by me, and I followed Him, not half a dozen preachers or some “Celebrity Preacher!”

Like I said, I do love HIS WORDS when they are not Misconstrued. I find such
Life in them and Good Directives on this Earth.

I truly believe our Faith should be that personal, not someone else’s dictates. I just like to make Him Happy and bring Him Joy and spread Joy in this sad generation.

All the best to you Friends!

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