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Philanthropist? Hypocrisy Of Bill Gates – Do Not Be Easily Taken In!

Much Of The Time I Am Busy Placing Content On Websites I Run Since 2010 And Am No Fan Of News Programs. Last Year Was The First I Heard Of Bill Gates “Philanthropist Activities”…….While Believing In A Person’s Right To Change Their Ways And Having Witnessed A Few Who Have, I Do Have Reservations With Some. The Adage “A Zebra Does Not Change It’s Stripes” Definitely Holds True Of Certain People In This World And I Suspect He I One Of Those. I Did Not Trust What I Heard, So I Researched – Here’s What I Found And It Concerns Everyone. Could It Be That He Has A God Complex With An Evil Agenda? In This Post, There Are Two Excellent Articles And Two Short Video Links. See What You Think.

No Such Thing As A Free Gift: The Gates Foundation And The Price Of Philanthropy by Linsey McGoey – Review

From TheGuardian.Com (Independent News Site)

Is his vast charity empire changing the world for the better? Or is Bill Gates playing God?

Ten years ago, when the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates was midway through his startling metamorphosis from monopolistic software magnate to possibly be the world’s most admired philanthropist, he made a speech declaring that the traditional American high school was “obsolete”. Instead, his hugely generous charitable foundation invested $2bn in new, smaller schools for nearly 800,000 pupils.

But within a few years, in 2008, the funding abruptly stopped. Some of the schools had to close. Three years on, in one of his carefully rationed newspaper interviews, Gates explained: “The overall impact of the intervention, particularly the measure we care most about – whether [pupils] go to college – it didn’t move the needle much … We didn’t see a path to having a big impact, so we did a mea culpa on that.”

With its mix of idealism and cold jargon, its emphasis on charity needing to achieve dramatic results, and its slight underlying sense that Gates (pictured) wants to play God, this quote is one of many telling moments in Linsey McGoey’s fierce book. A former adviser to the World Health Organisation and a sociology lecturer at the University of Essex, long a base for radical academics, she casts an unsparing eye over “philanthrocapitalism” – as she and some of its practitioners call it. A small group of private donors, she writes, play “an outsized role in national and global policy-making”: they “want to revolutionise the last realm untouched by the hyper-competitive, profit-oriented world of financial capitalism: the world of charitable giving.”

Gates is currently the best known of these hard-nosed modern philanthropists, and the Foundation that he and his wife, Melinda, run from a headquarters in Seattle the size of a large city block is the focus of about half this book. But first McGoey explores the thinking and methods of earlier conscience-stricken tycoons. Starting with John D Rockefeller Sr in the late 19th century, she shows that charity organised on business lines is not new, as philanthrocapitalists claim. Rockefeller was even advised by a man called Gates, Frederick T (no relation), a Baptist-minister-turned-management-guru preoccupied with how to give philanthropy the maximum “leverage” and “efficiency”.

McGoey also provocatively examines the power imbalances and ambiguities of charitable giving, “the difficulty of determining whose interests are most served”. While the Rockefellers were establishing their worldwide empire of good deeds, she points out, western anthropologists in Papua New Guinea were studying “‘Big Men’, tribal leaders who used gift-giving to accumulate well-placed friends, and expand trading jurisdictions”. In today’s global economy, where personal networking, reputation management and corporate social responsibility are constant preoccupations, charitable giving is more useful than ever. Philanthropy is a favourite topic when billionaires gather at Davos or a TED conference.

In 2009 McGoey attended another of these self-regarding summits, the annual Skoll World Forum in Oxford, established by Jeff Skoll, a self-styled philanthropist and social entrepreneur who made his fortune as an early eBay shareholder and employee. Her section on the event is too short, barely a couple of pages – you wonder if she was forbidden to take notes – but it does memorably include Skoll telling an audience of well-connected do-gooders, “You are a keystone species in the social change architecture.”

The Gates Foundation comes across better in the book. “The Gateses do considerable good,” McGoey concedes. “Like Melinda’s willingness to speak out about the importance of contraception ... in developing countries. Or Bill’s support for raising the capital gains tax in the US.” Echoing other analysts of modern tycoon philanthropy, she depicts the Gateses and their foundation as unusually “willing to change their minds when the evidence suggests they should. They don’t seem afraid to admit their mistakes.”

But one person’s flexibility is another’s cancelled funding. The book also details the downsides of the Gates approach to global health problems, an area where they spend more annually than many wealthy governments, including Germany. The foundation favours ambitious vaccines and disease eradication programmes. A persuasive array of health professionals cited by McGoey say these are squeezing out cheaper, quicker solutions. She also criticises the foundation’s choice of collaborators: not just farmers and small businessmen in poor countries but Goldman Sachs and Coca-Cola, Monsanto and Rupert Murdoch. Too much of the foundation’s money and activity, she argues, stays in the west.

And in the west few hold the Gateses to account. The last “serious” piece of US legislation regulating charitable foundations, she writes, was in 1969. Nowadays the ubiquity of the Gates organisation in the charity world, and beyond, means that few are prepared to attack it. McGoey’s interviewees are not plentiful, and mostly anonymous.

In the book’s later chapters, the relative even-handedness falls away. She condemns the “egotism” of Gates and other famous donors for “eponymously stamping their mark on their endowments”. She summarises with distaste the claim of some philanthropists (not Gates) that their giving is a form of “self-tax” that exempts them from paying other taxes. Most cuttingly, she says that philanthropy “thrives on … its own ineffectiveness” – in order to justify its own existence, charity needs the problems it addresses to persist.

These are all strong and rarely made arguments. But they feel a bit unforgiving. The highly personalised quality of the Gates Foundation, for example, is surely designed to open doors in a celebrity-driven world as much as it is to make Bill feel and look good. The book does not give as concrete a sense as it might of the foundation as an institution: what its headquarters feels like, how its confident staff talk. Access is not easily gained to either – when I profiled the foundation in 2010, it took months to sort out – and as an out-and-out Gates critic, McGoey may not have been willing or able; but she could have done more snooping around in Seattle.

This is a clear-eyed and much-needed study regardless. The super rich are all around us, but usually out of sight, arranging the world to their specifications. If this book shows what the relatively benign ones are up to, it makes you worry about the others.

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Bill Gates Opinions On Pandemics

By Dr Mark Sircus - A Leading Health Advocate

Dear Bill, thank you but no thank you, you are not a doctor or any kind of health professional so your opinions on potential health disasters and vaccines are not welcome. In fact, with your vaccine programs, a case could be made against you as being the greatest sponsor of medical and pharmaceutical terrorism on our planet. Have you counted how many have died from your insistence that no child be left behind from vaccines? The US government does and pays through the nose for vaccine damaged or killed children.

Vaccines kill children in more than rare occurrences. In 1986, Congress officially acknowledged the reality of vaccine-caused injuries and death by creating and passing The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public Law 99-660) which requires doctors to provide parents with information about the benefits and risks of childhood vaccines prior to vaccination. Doctors are required by law to report suspected cases of vaccine damage. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — operated by the CDC and FDA.

As of January 8, 2010 VAERS, had received 7814 adverse event reports following 2009 monovalent H1N1 vaccination. Of the 7814 reports, 477 (6%) were reports that were classified as “serious” health events (defined as life threatening or resulting in death). Among the 477 reports of serious health events, there were 33 reports of death.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) reported that, “In New York, only one out of 40 doctor’s offices 2.5% confirmed that they report a death or injury following vaccination,” — 97.5% of vaccine related deaths and disabilities go unreported there. Implications about the integrity of medical professionals aside (doctors are legally required to report serious adverse events), these findings suggest that vaccine deaths actually occurring each year may be well over 1,000.”

Bill you warn, "Millions Could Die" If US Doesn’t Prepare for Coming Pandemic. In your Washington Post interview, you say that should a deadly pandemic comparable to the 1918 influenza outbreak reach the US in the relatively near future, the US government would be powerless to stop it. And likely, hundreds of thousands – if not, millions – of Americans will die.

You and your wife Melinda, have repeatedly warned that a pandemic is the greatest immediate threat to humanity yet you say not a word about the threat of plunging temperatures, near future agricultural problems that are already resulting from that, the absolute insanity of the worlds bankers with the hundreds of trillions of debt they have created, nor the absurd politics in Europe and the United States that threaten nuclear war with Russia.

Australia’s chief medical officer Jim Bishop said health professionals should immediately stop immunizing children under five years old with the flu vaccine. Professor Bishop is concerned about a spike in the number of West Australian youngsters experiencing fever and convulsions after getting the shot.

Without shame or warning you promote vaccines no matter how many nasty chemicals and heavy metals they contain. You say not a word how vaccines are contributing to autism rates that have broken down recently to 1 in 59 children and even worse in New Jersey.

So, what should the US do according to you? The nation needs to prioritize the development of better vaccines – including a "universal" flu vaccine even though it presently is the only vaccine in the USA loaded with thiomersal, which is a highly toxic form of mercury.

I guess you have not read information from real doctors who would warn against your idea for a universal flu vaccine.

Dr. David Brownstein writes, “For over 20 years, I have been writing and lecturing about how the flu vaccine fails nearly all who get it.” Now he says, “Why would anyone get a flu vaccine when it fails 99% who receive it? Why would any physician prescribe a therapy, which is associated with serious adverse effects, that fails 99% who receive it? Why are health care workers forced to receive a flu vaccine when it is consistently shown to fail nearly 99% who get them? And, there is not a single well-done study showing that vaccinating health care workers with the flu vaccine protects against the spread of flu.”

In your remarks you highlighted scientific and technical advances in the development of better vaccines, drugs and diagnostics that you believe could revolutionize how we prepare for and treat infectious diseases moving forward. "So, we need to invest in other approaches, like antiviral drugs and antibody therapies that can be stockpiled or rapidly manufactured to stop the spread of pandemic diseases or treat people who have been exposed."

You sound like a cheerleader for mainstream medicine. "We know that it is coming, but we have no way of stopping it," said WHO infectious disease specialist Dr. Sylvie Brand. You undoubtedly believe the same demonstrating your ignorance of medical history and the many natural solutions to infectious diseases like sodium bicarbonate (which saved lives in the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic), iodine, selenium and now Hydrogen Medicine, which would insure most people with bad cases of flu would not die because it is the perfect ICU gas to administer for sepsis.

Considering that America is the most vaccinated country in the world one would think that the American children would be healthy, but they are not and you know that Bill unless you are the wealthiest ignorant man in the country. The fact is that vaccinated children suffer with more chronic illness than non-vaccinated children.

Bill, if you are open to learning anything about medicine before the next time you open your mouth I would like to direct your attention to iodine. Though it kills 90 percent of bacteria on the skin within 90 seconds its use as an antibiotic has been ignored. Iodine exhibits activity against bacteria, molds, yeasts, protozoa, and many viruses; indeed, of all antiseptic preparations suitable for direct use on humans and animals and upon tissues, only iodine is capable of killing all classes of pathogens: gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoa. Most bacteria are killed within 15 to 30 seconds of contact. If you can understand why iodine is used by the gallon in hospitals, you would be able to see that iodine is a much better choice than the flu vaccine.

I do not suppose you know that viral infections are pH sensitive.

In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U.S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely anyone who had been thoroughly alkalinized with Bicarbonate of Soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of “Cold,” Influenza and LaGripe by first giving generous doses of Bicarbonate of Soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated.

Certain viruses (including the rhinoviruses and coronaviruses that are most often responsible for the common cold and influenza viruses that produce flu) infect host cells by fusion with cellular membranes at low pH. Thus, they are classified as "pH-dependent viruses."

Fusion of viral and cellular membranes is pH dependent. “The plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells serves as a barrier against invading parasites and viruses. To infect a cell, viruses must be capable of transporting their genome and accessory proteins into the host cell, bypassing or modifying the barrier properties imposed by the plasma membrane. Entry into the host cells always involves a step of membrane fusion for enveloped animal viruses. Other enveloped viruses such as orthomyxoviruses, alphaviruses or rhabdoviruses enter the cells by the endocytic pathway, and fusion depends on the acidification of the endosomal compartment. Fusion at the endosome level is triggered by conformational changes in viral glycoproteins induced by the low pH of this cellular compartment.”

On May 4, 2011 a  study by Neil Z. Miller and Gary S. Goldman was published online by SAGE, entitled “Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?” This study is another in a long line of studies revealing evidence showing the more vaccines a baby receives, the more chance they have of dying from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Deception can be deadly in medicine and nowhere is that more evident than in the vaccine industry and cancer areas. I imagine you are too arrogant to reconsider your position, so no one will expect you to. That is a shame and that is what you will be remembered for. Source HERE (3mins)


Bill Gates Wants To WHAT??! Depopulation Through Vaccines And Healthcare??! HERE Comments Made Were:

We need to reduce the population? Ok Bill, let’s start with you.

Interesting how he steps down from Microsoft board immediately after the Coronavirus goes international.

”Reproductive health services” - aka sterilising the population. Wow!

It does take some form of mastery to be this cool while saying we are going to kill you through vaccines and healthcare ("If we do a really great job on new vaccines and healthcare and reproductive centers we can lower it (the human population) by 10-15%")

This is what evil looks like.

CO2 + Sunlight + Plants (Chlorophyll) = FOOD and this jerk wants to lower CO2!!!

He's mad... simply mad.

You’re not the author or finisher of my life!

We're on to you Bill.

This is like the CEO of Walmart trying to teach someone about Mars exploration.

As long as you, your family and friends are the first to go.

See what money does??? Feeds lust for power!

If co2 is the problem, how come the plants and trees are dying? why are the bees near extinct? why is medicine a weapon used against us?

He has 3 Anti-Vaccine children, wonder why?

'Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto', Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24 Telecast HERE (12mins) Comments Made Were:

Dr Shiva is a brilliant force for Good, the polar opposite of the "philanthropist" Gates.

This woman is a great asset to the world. Please protect her.

My God! She is such a good, wise person. Her final words left this interviewer speechless. No way she can be refuted. Everything she said is true.

This lady knows what she is talking about. I bet Gates does not eat GMOs.

She’s right. Native seeds need to be protected everywhere.

God bless this poised, intelligent, and brave lady.

WOW !!!! Our World needs more women like Vandana Shiva !!!!! Brilliant , articulate , no nonsense , solid leadership ability.

She is an inspiration for all women, I really like her - so smart.

Finally Bill Gates is coming under the scrutiny he deserves.

Monsanto is a very Evil company. Their practices you don't hear about have destroyed farmers and farms.

Little over a year after this interview, everything this brilliant woman suggests about Gates is as clear as day!

Gates needs to be checked. He is out of control.

She is Great, we all should THANK HER!

What an incredible woman. We need many more of her to save our world from evil.

The interviewer is an idiot. Very intelligent woman. Wow!

I hate how he’s trying to ridicule her but she’s handling it very very well . Love her.

Funny how this “conspiracy” is now true.

This woman is wonderful. She is very intellectual and knowledgeable in many ways.

Interviewer needs to get real. She makes sense in every way!

You can always tell the interviewers are on Gates’ payroll.

This interviewer is truly clueless. What an amazing woman!

This woman is great, I feel blessed to find this video.

Janets Closing Comments

Yes me also, I've heard this woman before. As a researcher, I feel satisfied after hearing her. She has such crystal clear faculties and her senses are serving her well. Who better to explain the Gates Agenda and Respect for Nature. She has all the Facts to back her up, well documented (in her book just published). Mark Sircus also does his work well and knows his Facts. And if you wish to use Iodine, good quality KELP TABLETS are better than Iodized Salt - that's another story. I'm not Anti-Salt like Medicos are - it's the Commercial Industry's Table Salt that's bad for us, Not Good Healthy Natural Salt. Find out why.

When I was little, there was a man called Mr Yates who used to come up the hill from his dairy with "a billy can of milk" for us. Those were innocent days. The Yates and the Gates of Today are heavily into Monsanto. Don't trust any of them. Cheers!

To Salt Or Not To Salt? That Is The Question – Some Facts Will Surprise You!

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