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Spicy Goodness: Special Therapeutic Benefits Of Ginger Saffron And Turmeric

By Janet Vargas - Natural Health Researcher

Whoever Said Great Tasting Food Can't Be Good For You? I Think They Got That Idea From Sugary Fatty Snacks And Desserts. Yes, Spices Are Good For You! Especially These Three Spices. Some People's System Can't Handle Them Due To Certain Food Intolerance Of-course And There Are People Who Can Handle Some Spices But Not Others. The Benefits Listed In This Post Will Give You Plenty Of Reasons To Venture With Ginger, Saffron And Turmeric. Therapeutic Benefits Of Herbs And Spices Have Been Well Attested For Centuries - The Medical Profession Was The New Kid On The Block (the alternative, not the other way round). Never-the-less, You May Be Interested To Know There Is Much Scientific Validation To The Beneficial Properties And Effects Of Turmeric In Recent Times And Ginger And Saffron Are Claiming Attention More Recently, For Good Reasons.

One staggers at the ignorance and sometimes arrogance of statements made by Medicos. I had a MD/GP smirk at the idea of me saying I would use Slippery Elm Powder for a digestive upset with reflux some years ago (you mix it with some warm water). His remark was "that hasn't been proven" so I simply replied "but it can't be proven that medications don't kill anyone, can it?" He quickly went quiet and said nothing because they prescribe dozens of risky medications a day. I'm known for being a gracious person but I wasn't going to let such a statement go unchallenged. A little ACV (apple cider vinegar) in water daily works for me too for that these days, believe it or not, and I'm gaining a little interest in some Folklore remedies that come up on Pinterest from time to time.

To Be Continued

Letting You Know, This Is On Its Way Because I Have Just Started A New Post Category Today 21st August 2021.

Food Secrets And INFO

There Are So Many Food Secrets I'd Like To Share With You And I Will Cover Some Of Them. Real Foods Are Better Than Just Relying On Supplements When You Know The Treasures Some Foods Are Endowed With. 

This Post Has Been On Hold For A Time Unpublished. I Don't Often Do That. Sometimes I Do Because I Get Inspiration To Start An Article When I’m Working At Other Things:)

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