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What Do You Do When People Impose Their Religions? And Why Must They Do That!?

By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

This Article is addressing Religious People who IMPOSE their Religion, and something much broader than aka Christians who Enjoy their Faith and their lives are balanced. I'm referring to all-manner of Religion that fills this Earth, and affects people's behavior - including Christian Cults.

Like the adage says "The proof is in the Pudding" after the likes of what I've heard and seen through the years - so many could possibly relate with this - I believe Religion (collectively) to be a "Devilish Agenda" rather than  Godly. How can I say that? Because most Religions Impose Religious Dogma rather than simply share some Answered Prayers that have been a  nice experience for them, whatever.

They're out to "Convert You" like it or not - even if you have a Religion  hey? Whatever your beliefs are, it has to be "their belief system" well and truly.......
yes it has to be Theirs or it's Wrong!

Let me Guess, most times, only those who subscribe to their Religion/System are allowed to go to Heaven. And mind you, some Religions won't even permit their adherents to know if they will be there or not. Muslim and Mormon are two I am aware of that  immediately come to mind.

They live on a heavy merit system with Uncertainty their Entire lives. JWs are the same, however they don't believe in a Heaven - only Earth - and if you don't obey their Book of Rules (everything their Watch Tower Society tell you, so crippling) for the Rest of your life, you won't qualify to live on a New Earth, exclusive for JWs. Everyone else misses out! Nice people aye? Bother Everyone Else who Lives!

Can you see the folly of that? There are so many Religions that have "Exclusive Rights" to Heaven - maybe you have encountered a few. It's an old agenda, 
nothing new. Each one totally convinced hey?

But we're not if we're Smart. I mean to say, how many  "Only Truths" can there be? That's Absolute Nonsense, yet people are prepared to bombard you with
"Their Religion" disrupt your day and disturb your peace of mind, just to
"win an Argument" and a Convert if they can. Right?

All that, is not to mention the wars that have been fought over Religion. And the absolute Nerve to enforce conversions. Are they Mad? Yes, it is maddening -
all these things. And that's why I call Religions (collectively speaking) a Devilish Agenda from the Devil himself - Enemy of God and Man; Deceiver from the beginning, to "put so many people off of God" it's not funny!

That's the way I see it. That's "my opinion" shall we say?
And I'm not alone with that.

It has been said through the years that "Religions are Man's efforts to reach God  and Christianity is God reaching Us"  however, we are witnessing a number of Christian Cults in our Day like Brian Houston's Hillsong; Bill Johnson's Bethel; Mike Bickle's IHOP; Revivalists and others, you could hardly describe as Christian,
they're so Unstable!

That's why the Bible itself predicts there will be "Doctrines of Men and Doctrines of Demons".....doctrines is an old term for Religious Teachings.

If they're Doctrines of Men, they can Confuse You or make you prejudice, if they're Doctrines of Demons, they can damage you and those around you.

No wonder so many People don't want anything to do with Religion of any kind? There are plenty of Decent people who do not subscribe to it or want
their Families mixed up in it.

Please do avoid Religious Mania of any kind folk, full-on or mild. You don't need it - especially if you have kids with you. Best to say something like "You respect my hearing and I will respect yours. We won't talk about it. Have a nice day." Yes, say it firmly and move immediately a few steps away, so they don't have an opportunity to disrespect your wishes.

With some people, you have to say something like  "Your eternity is your business and mine is mine. Have a good day!" Or "I don't entertain religious discussion of ANY Kind. Stop it now! Thank You" Or "I'm not a Candidate for Your Religion.
I want you to Stop it Right There!"

Religious Mania: really speaking, they are not well  - they need  help, not you but they're not ready for that. It is Best to go about your day or evening.

I think we have established in this Article that
there's no such thing as a Franchise on God.

Am I against Faith in God? Absolutely not, I wouldn't live without it.

Having Faith in our Creator or Jesus is a Wonderful thing - having a Personal Faith without the confines and boundaries of Religion, whereby a man-made Institution tells you what to believe and determines how you must live - for the rest of
your life, you live by their book of rules, whatever brand that may be.

And I really do feel for Kids whose Parents are into those, and they have absolutely no say about it - they must conform against their wishes often.

That really isn't fair. When you think about it, that is in Conflict to what FAMILY is ALL about. Your Love for Each-Other and your Kids should Come First - providing a Comfortable and Peaceful atmosphere is important for your Kids, 
Religious Domination is unhealthy for them.

Our Creator God made the Family Unit before there was ever Any Religion on This Earth and they (Adam and Eve) FREELY Communicated with Him "in the cool of the evenings" when they were relaxing after they had Enjoyed their day. Contrary to what many think, constraints and restraints come from man, they are not
His Way of doing things.

I love Jesus' Words to us: to Love Him with all our mind and will and strength
(like we do our Loved Ones) and to  treat others as we wish to be treated.

That fosters Harmony in our Family - not Conflict. Kids need to ENJOY a Personal relationship with their Creator, not an Imposition. A lot of Parents actually put their Children off of God - sometimes for life. You tell me how that can be a good thing?
I think not!

My Two Nieces Would Say BE CAREFUL!
I have two Nieces who were brought up in a Christian Cult and it affected them badly. Their Parents don't see anything wrong with that Religion to this day and have not apologized to them.

One of them sensed something very strange about it early in life. At 8 Years of age, she determined to leave home immediately when she comes of Age. And she went as far as she could to a different State. She Never saw them or contacted them again and she is almost hostile in conversation if she hears anything about God.

The other Niece has a more sensitive nature and was affected profoundly also. Similar to Personality Disorder.
She has experienced what is called "Fragmentation" for many years and is only just starting to enjoy her life a few decades later. That's a long time!

Encouraging A Man Whose Marriage Was Wrecked
I knew a Christian Couple years ago who said they were going to visit someone South of the City that evening and I said "Oh can I come along!?" thinking they were going to have a fellowship time there (sharing Christian company) Their response was "we are going to help him and  usually, we do this kind of thing on our own but yes you can come" they felt Jesus prompting them to take me.

When we arrived there, we sat around a table with that person and a concerned Christian who was also visiting. The man was in a confused, depressed state: he had just left a Marriage where his wife got involved in a Religious Cult some time ago and  she was Imposing her Religious Convictions on him "No, you can't do this and we can't do that" (quite extreme) ......... he was so disturbed by months of that he felt compelled to leave. It was necessary for his peace of mind.

It just so happens that I had a few Interstate Relatives in that Religious Cult (previously mentioned) and was able to help him considerably. Having a warm nature and a sound Christian Walk and I was familiar with the unstable traits his wife was displaying. He was so relieved and encouraged because I could interpret for him what was happening, and we prayed together that Jesus would show His Goodness to him personally and bless his life away from from all that negative input

About A REFRESHING Young Couple
30 Years ago, I conducted a Christian Survey. The question was "Do you attend a Church? Do you enjoy it or is it a habit? If you don't attend one, is it because you're Not Interested? Or do you have nothing against it?"

One young couple, after saying they had nothing against it said "we found Jesus on our own and worship Him at home. We do not want to tarnish our new-found experience with religion."


It is not a good thing to live our life through the dictates of Religion
but a Wholesome Close Relationship with our Maker. Hey?

I love the Words of Jesus when they're not misconstrued. I find Life and Vitality and good principles through Scriptures (verses in the bible) I wish that some Religions would not use them to promote bondage, when they're just the opposite to many people like myself aka the young couple who found Jesus on their own.
I love their Story!  

Some Practical Advice:
Friends, if you attend Religious Services of any kind and you find them depressing, that's usually an indication they're a Cult - it's oppressive and dominating in some way. You need to be Out of There and find a Healthy Way of Life while you can (before you get any deeper into it)

People, you need to be aware of this: there are some Religions like JWs Brethren and Christadelphian who forbid you to relate with anyone outside of that Religion.
If Religious People tell you they don't want you or your Children to have Friends outside of where you are attending, they are wanting to Assert Control over you. See what I mean by devilish? Our God isn't into that kind of thing.

Once again, I have nothing against "Encouraging" someone to "Have Faith In God" Our Creator or Jesus because of the Atheistic Agenda we have in so many Countries Worldwide. But I would ask this Question: what are you inviting People to?
Is it Balanced or Unstable? Is it Healthy or Unhealthy? Is it a Personal Faith
or Domination?

Friends, are they Encouraging you or are they Insisting and Persisting?
There is a difference.

"Faith In God" should be a Pleasant Experience, not an Unpleasant Experience.
There can be Challenges in this Life but He can Guide you through
the Storms of Life. And He is Interested in the Activities of Our Day.

Thank you for reading this Article. Some may be offended but many will be informed or relieved, and they are the ones I wrote it for. I wish you a pleasant relationship with our Creator or Jesus if you are comfortable with that? And a life without unpleasant Religious Encounters.

For Those Who Are Interested - Sometimes People Ask Me

I experienced a Personal Encounter with Jesus in my 20s.
I did not hear or see Him physically but I sensed His Presence.
This was not in any way imagined as I had no expectations of any kind.
In fact I had no religious sentiments at the time.
I don't attend Church Services myself but I can recommend
Baptist Churches where people are well balanced.
Some of them have a Craft Group and/or a Cafe
if you feel the need for Christian Company around you.
I enjoy an occasional visit with them nearby - they are not pushy.
I favor Simple House Fellowships rather than Organised.

I trust this has helped some of you and I wish you all well. 

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