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Cholesterol Too High? Consider These Factors

Cholesterol has gotten a bad reputation over the last couple decades, and today it is still viewed like a dirty word. It has been portrayed as something to be feared and avoided at all costs.

However, Cholesterol is a very important molecule that is crucial for building cells, and for producing vitamin D. In a nutshell, that means all this talk of low-fat and low-cholesterol is more harmful in the long run than good.

Here are a few reasons to rethink your fears about cholesterol.

Cholesterol Research Has Been Flawed

The defining research study that led to our current fear of cholesterol was the Seven Countries Study, directed by Dr. Ancel Keys back in 1953. Dr. Keys gathered data from 22 countries, but in his final report, he only used selective information from 7 countries that happened to correlate with his preconceived hypothesis.

Cholesterol Plays A Role In Good Health

Cholesterol is found in your bloodstream and in every cell of your body. It is important to producing cell membranes, and bile acids that you need for digesting fat. It is also a key part of the production of vitamin D. Sunlight exposure on your skin triggers the conversion of cholesterol into vitamin D. Cholesterol also plays a role in maintaining the health of your brain and memory formation.

Total Cholesterol Is Misleading

You need to understand that simply looking at a total cholesterol number on a label will not give you a true measurement of your health risk. There are two types of cholesterol in the body. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is a “good” cholesterol and can be helpful in preventing heart disease.

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a “bad” cholesterol that can potentially be problematic. Large particles of LDL are usually harmless. However, when they are small and dense they could squeeze through the artery lining and cause inflammation and damage.

Be Cautious Regarding Pro-Statin Studies

Keep in mind that most studies that are pro-statin are sponsored by the drug manufacturing companies themselves. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to realize that the results may typically be skewed in favor of the medications.

Look At All Your Options Besides Cholesterol Lowering Medication

For many people, cholesterol lowering medications are not the best method of treatment. Consider a holistic approach to reduce your numbers into a normal zone based on all your risk factors.

To get a picture of your real risk factors, request that your doctor orders an NMR LipoProfile. Also consider requesting tests for HDL/cholesterol ratio, triglyceride/HDL ratio, fasting insulin level, fasting blood sugar level, and iron count. These tests can help you and your practitioner determine what methods of treatment may be beneficial besides cholesterol lowering drugs.

So, when it comes to fear of cholesterol, consider the factors mentioned here and do a little research of your own. In the end, make a health conscious choice that is best for you based on knowledge, not on a popular stigma.

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Heart Surgeon: You’ve Been LIED TO About Cholesterol & Heart Disease
Dr. Philip Ovadia

A Factual Account of Where it All went Wrong and the Real Culprits You Need to Watch Out For Thanks to this Honest Experienced Surgeon!!!

Janets Comments

It is well-known to many Health Researchers how Big Pharma keeps lowering the numbers for acceptable Cholesterol Counts in recent years to rake in more profits. Be informed, that Statins are their Biggest Cash Cow and some of the common side effects are actually distressing - it's just pure GREED - they can make you feel quite ill and cause other complications to your health. It's all kept very secret, you are not told these things!

Also, keep in mind that our Nerve Cells and Brain Cells need Healthy Levels of Cholesterol to function well. And believe it or not, so does your Heart as well. It is fair to let you know that Statin Drugs drastically alter the LDL levels (so-called bad cholesterol) AND the HDL levels (good cholesterol). Cholesterol plays a Protective Roll in the Heart. Recent Research reveals that even LDL plays an important roll too. If you compromise Cholesterol by virtually stripping it away.........where's your protection then? It is far too villainised.

Through many years of partime Independent Natural Health Research, you can imagine the amount of books I have in my personal library. Two of the best titles are by Dr Malcom Kendrick who will give you all the true facts on the True Nature of Cholesterol and of Statins. He is very good at Exposing the Cholesterol Scare Campaign - his work is extensive. The two books are The Great Cholesterol Con (2007) and A Statin Nation (2018) available from Amazon.

Don’t Worry About “Bad” Cholesterol, Says Dr. Paul Saladino

The history and DANGERS of seed oils by Dr. Paul Saladino MD speaking about the Real Facts & Common Sense to us! You should hear this and Reconsider in 2024

Note: Because the Medical Profession strongly influences the Government in Western Countries, notice how often we are told we should always consult a Health Provider before taking any written Health Advice, no wonder how professional the Authors are, years of Expertise or even Clinical experience spanning decades? It is up to you if you make that a Medical Practitioner or a Natural Health Practitioner hey? As a Researcher, and a patient in years gone by, I view the Medical Profession as a Sickness Industry. So do many Researchers and Patients who seldom get well in their care. A few questions to ask yourself may be, why are their waiting rooms continually full of the same patients? How often do they fill out repeat prescriptions for you? How many minutes do they see you for? How often have they made you well? Natural Health Professionals are into making you well.

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