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Who Serves You Better? The Medicos Or Natural Health Profession? Some Insights.

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

My Personal Motivation for placing Health Articles on this Website is because from experience, I know that good health is everything when you have and not so good when you don't. And having spent 30+ Yrs in Independent Natural Health Research, I like to pass good things on, plus important Info to protect people's health.

Big Pharma is a law to themselves and Governments accommodate them.

You tell me how come it's alright for them to 'prescribe' toxic, risky and even dangerous 'medications' everyday while Natural Health writers, including those who practice professionally with much experience in getting people well, have to tell you to consult a MD/GP at the end of an article, when you are considering the Good Advice you just read?

If you ask a MD/GP they will be almost  totally ignorant about  most NATURAL Remedies or Advice you have found. All their training and Information is Big Pharma related. All Medical Practices are Agents for them (it's against their interest to do that). Also, by Medical Law, they are not permitted to give you Natural Health advice of any kind - if they do, they will lose their licence.

Most times, they will say "no don't do that" and offer you some  Medical Drug instead or tell you to stay on what you're taking. They may even tell you "that would be dangerous" when they are the ones who specialise in Toxic Chemicals - some of which are addictive, and some even cause Medical Induced Disorders.

It's common practice to give you other Meds for those. Quite often, MD/GPs have been known to have "patients" on clashing "medications" which are sure to cause havoc in your system.......... and wait a minute, they are telling you some Natural Remedy or Advice is dangerous?

That dear friends, is because like any other salesman, they don't want to lose any business, should you be happy with a Natural Remedy and decide to go Natural instead of Medical aka with other Herbs and Nutrients etc.

Also, you need to consider this......a lot of times, they are after permanent "customers" with the Meds they prescribe. These are known as "Repeat Scripts" you take for years, not days or weeks. Whereas a Natural Health professional is into getting you WELL.

How is it then, that they are villanised and referred to as Quacks?

I put it to you that so often Medical Practitioners are the "Quacks" because they give risky medications based on 5 or 10 minute "consultations" .........  how can they properly assess what would be right for you in so little time often? That's right, it's business as usual - next customer please!

Honestly, how is it, we're so quick often, to trust a system like that? Yes, truth be told, the Medical Profession shows itself up to be a "Sickness Industry" that's pretty much the reality of it.

Why do you think many Nurses have been leaving that work and becoming Naturopaths for at-least a few decades I'm aware of? And in recent years, Medical Practitioners, including some specialists, are choosing to leave their profession out of conscience, and taking on studies for Integrative or Functional Medicine. Both of those professions specialise in Natural Medicines.

I put it to you friends, whose the "Alternative Medicine" in reality? Is it not the Western Medical Profession which commenced about 1890 whereas Herbalists  have been practicing for so many generations (1400-1600s The earliest record of herbalism first was recorded in the first-century BC) Homeopathy was introduced to the United States in 1825. Naturopathy, as a collection of disciplines, dates back approximately 150 years although some of its practices have been used for centuries. It draws upon the rich heritage of writings and practices of Western and Eastern natural practitioners since the time of Hippocrates. Modern naturopathy grew out of the healing traditions of the 18thcentury but its underlying philosophy, and the belief that the body has the innate wisdom to resist disease and the mechanisms to be able to self-regulate and recover from disease, are identical to Ayurvedic medicine which commenced about 3,000 years ago. The history of aromatherapy dates back to ancient times.

Yet if you mention a good Natural Remedy you are considering, the MD/GP will tell you their favorite cleache "that hasn't been proven" and in the next breath, they will offer you one of their Medical Drugs, be it an Antibiotic, Anti-depressive, Antacid, or other.

The Psychriactic profession started round the same time as SUGAR was invented by a Chemist - that's right, a pharmacist! That's why it's so addictive because when Crystallised Sugar is manufactured, it becomes Chemical. In reality, it is actually a legal drug. Yet our Governments in Western Countries allow so much of it to be produced. A child can buy a kilo packet from a shop to take home, and their mother bakes cakes and biscuits and treats for the family with it.

"Harmless Sugar? Exaggerated!" You say.  My Mum liked icing cakes and making a few toffees for a special treat occasionally, so sorry to burst your bubble.

Sugar doesn't have a pretty history because when people started buying boiled sweets (like lollipops) many became mentally ill who had a lot of them, and became "institutionalised" in those days. These days, some people still get mentally ill from it but they're hidden among the lucky ones in the crowd who don't. However many do get remarkably overweight or diabetic etc on that stuff - metabolic syndrome and what not. And we wouldn't call them lucky, would we?

It's very sad, and so are all the Medical Induced Disorders people keep getting from Medical Drugs of different kinds because the Chemicals in them clash with the Natural Chemistry our bodies were created with.

Many times, something is sure to go wrong when part of our body is forced to work in a different way than it's meant to. Think about it for a minute, our body sees those man-made chemicals as a "foreign invader" and goes into a state of misfunction.

Hence the MD/GP says we're "sick" with something else and prescribes additional "medications" instead of taking you off what AILS You. - some have the sense to stop them. That's why Natural Health Professionals and Researchers refer to the Medical Profession as a Sickness Industry.

So often, at best, you live in a sub-standard state of health because your body-chemistry is altered in some way. Maybe it's a foggy brain and lack of energy; you're feeling lethargic or unmotivated on a daily basis; you have incontinence or frequent UTI tract infections; you experience unexplained irritability with your spouse or family; the list goes on. Also, many medications cause certain Vitamin Deficiencies whereby you are not feeling at your best, to put it mildly, if that deficiency is serious.

Maybe the next time we read an article by a Natural Health Professional, we need to ask ourselves "in which camp does the true danger lie?" Instead of taking the Medical Profession's word for everything in blind trust. They're often happy for you to do that, at the expense of your health and peace in your home, because such sickness is disruptive for our families as well. I know, because I've been there years ago. Clearly speaking, that is not right, that we should endure such hardships - for the sake of Big Pharma's profits and the Medical Agents who support them.

Yes, Natural Health is a pleasing and safer option most times for us to choose if we don't mind putting some effort into it. Sadly those who wish to take no responsibility for their health - just delegate decisions to a Medico and take whatever they prescribe without questions - often pay a high price for what follows a visit to their local medical practice.

My intention here, is to help you, rather than offend, but it's so true - in many homes and I wish to spare you that.

Chemists don't mind informing you about Side Effects of those prescriptions however neither the MD/GP or Pharmacist will dare inform you about the Chemical Induced Maladies (Medical Induced Disorders) many of those Medications can and may cause. Obviously, it would be a Conflict of Interest for them to do so.

Have you heard anything about the Huge Medical Suits some of the Pharmaceutical Companies go through for a Medical Drug that is making 100s or 1000s of people really sick and they keep on manufacturing them regardless? I have. Such things have come to my attention in Research time and again. More than I like to remember because it's so upsetting to see what they get away with.

It's about time the Australian Government changed the name Chemist and Pharmacy to Drug Store, like they do in USA because that's what they are really, and we all need to be aware of that. And that's part of my mission with this article, to make you aware of what you are considering, when you say "oh, I will just go to the MD/GP" and what it can lead to sometimes. It happened to me twice (years apart) and so many others. But we, the public, never hear about those, do we?

You should also know that a lot of incentivising goes on by Big Parma's Pharmaceutical Companies. All Medical practitioners are offered Bribes to sell this drug and that drug instead of others per se. This is referred to as Lurks and Perks, by those who have left their practice out of conscience. I also know someone who worked as a Representative for Pfizer for several years overseas with huge incentives with extravagant holidays, expenses paid. He missed the big pay he used to get but not offending his conscience. It was over the a News broadcast a few years ago that Medicos get some of those incentives, not money but lots of luxury and holidays - as if they don't get enough with $40-50 for every 5-10 minute consult - so I'm not saying anything new here.

Some years ago, I witnessed an incident with a decent MD/GP and a Pharmaceutical Company Representative who had been promoting some extremely risky Medical Drug to him in his office. They came out from there through the waiting room, the young enterprising "Salesman" was saying these words I remember to this day......."you have to keep in mind the benefits against the side effects" and the middle aged practitioner rushed him out of the premises so fast - he was so outraged on the inside. Now there's a professional with a conscience who would not take the bribe! There are some others like him but we need to be careful still, what we are prescribed.

I am also aware that a number of Medical Practitioners and Pharmacists choose to go to Natural Health Practitioners themselves because they see the damages Medical Drugs do on a continual basis. So far be it to take what they prescribe or dispense themselves to "patients" like you and me - that could be awful, hey? 

I don't like to scare people, it's sometimes more scary to experience those "Pseudo Disorders" an Australian Father of Herbalism called them years ago, when he encountered so many new patients with such. I personally attended one of his lectures back in the 90s. He ran a private practice and a Herbal School by the name of Southern Cross in Sydney and he also had to do with Green Ridge Botanicals back then who made Formulas by him for professional Herbalists. Dennis Stewart (by name) ran the College together with Jessy Sleeman, an accomplished Herbalist from the UK. Their vision was to see more Aussies WELL.

This is my vision also. They gave me words of supportive affirmation when I was starting out, saying they believed in what I was doing at that time.

That's why even though I run two Natural Websites, I chose to write certain Health related articles and add some by different authors on Ours Australia, so Aussies can benefit by knowledge gained, as well. And because I had a break from part-time Independent Natural Health Research from 2010-2012, when experiencing new "inspirational giftings" with Poems and Website Creation, I consider Happiness to be as important to our health as any Nutrient or Exercise.

Hence, I like to place Inspirational Poems and Sayings on this website, plus lots of Good News stories and Interesting Articles, plus some Fun Nature Stories for you to Enjoy!

I get no profit for this...... "freely receive, freely give"...... I just want to see you Well and Happy - in my thoughts:) Knowing some of you will be because you read some Good Health Info on Ours Australia. Without any pesky intrusive Google Ads or Email Campaigns. That is part of my commitment to you. So many good websites are spoilt by those, I don't have them on any of my websites,  just for people to be free to come and go as they please. Hey?

I will be back tomorrow to add more to this Post about the approach of Natural Health Practitioners - like you read a short description of above - and what they have to offer you, if that's OK? It's after midnight here:)

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