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Reasons For Weight Gain: These Are Some Of Them – See What You Find.

Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Real Foods and Moderate Exercise are the BEST way to Slim and to Maintain GOOD HEALTH. Be aware that Low Fat Diets and Artificial Sweeteners are damaging. So is Strenuous Exercise – they will not help you!

Truth of the matter is, you would be far better following a few IMPORTANT PRINCIPLES, knowing what to AVOID and trying some GOOD NUTRITIOUS Dieting, than all the Fad Diets out there. Especially Chemist and Supermarket brands. Most Slimming Diets are Gimmicky – they are flawed and Cleverly Marketed through the POWER OF PERSUASION. Sometimes there is a Diet that worked for SOME PEOPLE who really gave it their Best Effort and things worked In Their Favour. Those Weight Loss Programs have a Principle of some kind working for them, not everyone responds to and they are very expensive.

The companies are happy to show you Before and After photos and tell you it works for everyone, which is a Lie of-course because different things work for different people and results vary with the individual. No-one’s bio-chemistry is the same but they are happy to tell you “Our Product Will Work For You”…… that my friend is Commercialism (enterprise for your dollar). So if you can get those misleading notions out of your mind, there is a good possibility you will get somewhere!

Watch out for Diets that tell you to have Lots of Protein (our bodies are not designed to handle Excess) ……. Low Fats/No Fats Diet OR Very Low CARBS (they are Out of Balance). We are designed to have Healthy Proteins, Healthy Fat Fighting Fats and some Healthy Wholesome Carbohydrates.

A BALANCED DIET and EXERCISE is the Way To Go and REAL FOODS are the ANSWER in place of Toxic Laden Foods that were never meant to be Ingested in the first place, but the Modern Food Industry is determined to Make Us Fat and Make Us Sick with their Highly Addictive Fast Foods and SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS they Call Food. The Television Entertainment Industry is determined to have us Sitting Down or Lounging Around all hours of the Evening and even hours of the Day if they get their way – setting us up for a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE (where you don’t move around much) A SURE CAUSE FOR OVERWIGHT. So is Excessive Sleep or Sleep Deprivation – there’s so much we do that throws Our Body OUT OF WACK, that upsets the Delicate BALANCE and makes us Overweight. Friends, if you address those, most times you will Take Off Weight.

To Be Continued Soon!

Letting You Know What's Coming. I Will Give You Some INFO On Specific Hindrances In The Commercial Food Chain And Misleading Advice Out There (well known to researchers) That Would Sabotage Your Efforts.

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