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By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Years

MORE to Watch Out for Folks! Some of these Polymers have been around for years. They have been used in Skin Care and Cosmetics and NOW there are New Derivatives of those Chemicals entering the Market.

The concern about these Chemicals is, they are very TOXIC and have been found to Cause Cancer.

As surely as we have learned about Manufacturer’s serious Lack of Ethics, instead of the Industry cutting out the use of these Chemicals, they USE Them all the More. And as we are so accustomed to, our Governments are more concerned with Raising High Revenue from the Massive Profits/Taxes of this highly Lucrative Industry than they are about our Health and Welfare.

There’s so much we hear about “in the name of Truth” these days, and there is what Natural Health Researchers who really Care about your Health call an
“Information War” going on.…


By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Research 30+ Yrs

Like someone so rightly said: Oats are Naturally Processed, Oats are OATS. 100% No Preservatives, No Additives, No Colourings. They are Uncomplicated REAL Food that Nourishes with “NO Extras” Frugal Food, Cheap to Buy!

And you can add whatever you like – you know what’s in there.

So if you’re going to “Cut things on the Budget” don’t downsize on Healthy Nutritious Meals, cut out those Sugar Laden and Artificially Coloured Ultra-Processed devitalised “Cereals” those Con Artists charge you the Earth for instead.

What an Absolute RIP-OFF and you’re taking them home, one after the other, Friends? And half the time, it’s because you weren’t brought up with OATS wonderful Oats OR your Kids have been Targeted by the Cunning guise of those Shrewd Manufacturers. Yes, they deliberately target your Kids with those endless Ads (so many rounds a day/evening) because they Know they will “Nag You” until they get what they want!…

From Independent

"Best Solution Is To Simply Not Use These Products" Scientists Say

People routinely using hair care products may be inhaling dangerous levels of chemicals potentially harmful to their health, an alarming new study warns.

The new research, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, found that several Chemicals commonly emitted by hair care products linger in the air much longer after use.

Researchers, including those from Purdue University in the US, say a person can inhale up to 17 mg of potentially harmful chemicals in a single hair care session in their home.

“We found the results to be extremely alarming. We did not expect to see such significant emissions of volatile chemical mixtures from off-the-shelf hair care products during typical hair care routines,” study co-author Nusrat Jung said.

One of the chemicals decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (that's 28 letters) or D5 siloxane – commonly found in many personal care products – “has been found to lead to adverse effects on the respiratory tract, liver and nervous system of laboratory animals,” scientists warn.…

The results, published in Redox Biology, showed higher levels of bacteria associated with good vascular and cognitive health, and lower levels of bacteria linked to disease and inflammation.

Systolic blood pressure dropped on average by five points (mmHg) after drinking the beetroot juice.

Anti-Aging Beet Juice - Good for Our Liver- Add Some Apple and Celery

“We are really excited about these findings, which have important implications for healthy ageing,” said lead author Professor Anni Vanhatalo, of the University of Exeter.

“Previous studies have compared the oral bacteria of young and older people, and healthy people compared to those with diseases, but ours is the first to test nitrate-rich diet in this way.

“Our findings suggest that adding nitrate-rich foods to the diet—in this case via beetroot juice—for just ten days can substantially alter the oral microbiome (mix of bacteria) for the better.

“Maintaining this healthy oral microbiome in the long term might slow down the negative vascular and cognitive changes associated with ageing.”…

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Yrs

Do you believe Everything you Hear and Read? As a Researcher, I don't - there is so much Ignorance and Flawed Medical Science out there. Deliberate attempts of the Food Industry to give Misleading Guidelines and Advice to the Public. Even to Practitioners. They do this for Their Advantage - Not Your Health!

We have Dedicated Whistle Blowers to Thank for Some Knowledge which has gone Public for sometime now. Highly skilled Workers from their Science Lab Departments etc. They left those Companies out of Conscience because much of what they had to do for those Giant Food Companies really Offended them. That is, Harming People's Health to Earn a Living. They just could not do it anymore! Can you blame them?

The Misleading Advice Friends, is a Classic for INVESTED INTERESTS if ever there was one! So Truth of the matter is, Who are You Trusting In for Nutritional Advice?…

Natural Health Article from Science Daily

A new study shows that people who eat a diet that includes at least half a serving per day of foods high in flavonoids like strawberries, oranges, peppers and apples may have a 20% lower risk of cognitive decline. The research is published in the July 28, 2021, online issue of Neurology the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study looked at several types of flavonoids, and found that flavones and anthocyanins may have the most protective effect.

Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds found in plants and are considered powerful antioxidants. It is thought that having too few antioxidants may play a role in cognitive decline as you age.

"There is mounting evidence suggesting flavonoids are powerhouses when it comes to preventing your thinking skills from declining as you get older," said study author Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, of Harvard University in Boston, Mass.…

Was Shown ON NWS 9 News 2:59pm Feb 28, 2023

A common sugar replacement called erythritol, which is used to add bulk or sweeten stevia, monkfruit and keto-reduced sugar products, has been linked to blood clotting, stroke, heart attack and death, according to a new study from the US.
"The degree of risk was not modest," said lead study author Dr Stanley Hazen, director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Prevention at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute.
People with existing risk factors for heart disease, such as diabetes, were twice as likely to experience a heart attack or stroke if they had the highest levels of erythritol in their blood, according to the study, published Monday in the journal Nature Medicine.

"If your blood level of erythritol was in the top 25 per cent compared to the bottom 25 per cent, there was about a two-fold higher risk for heart attack and stroke.…

Health Benefits of Oatmeal—Explained by a Nutritionist
Plus, healthy ways to incorporate it into your diet.

By Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD 2022

Oatmeal Is Nutrient-Rich

Oats are also bundled with a variety of vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, and smaller amounts of calcium and potassium. That's an impressive vitamin and mineral package for a relatively low-calorie food. This all makes oatmeal a nutrient-dense ingredient.

Oatmeal Provides Antioxidants
Polyphenol antioxidants found in oats possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. At the cellular level, polyphenols have been shown to help fend off aging and disease by reducing oxidative stress. (Basically, oxidative stress is an imbalance between the production of cell-damaging free radicals and the body's ability to counter their unwanted effects.

Furthermore, due to their bodyguard-like effects, polyphenols have been linked to protection against heart disease and stroke, as well as type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Oatmeal Supports Better Nutrition
If you've avoided oatmeal due to its carb content, you may be delighted to know that this healthy starch actually supports weight management.…

These are the foods your body really needs to stay healthy.

By Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD | 2023

One of the most important ways to stay healthy is to adopt habits that strengthen immunity. Getting enough sleep, managing stress, being active, washing your hands properly, and eating well all support your immune system.

While no food or supplement can “cure” or even 100% prevent you from catching a virus, like SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, or the flu, some foods help bolster immunity.

Here are some immune-strengthening foods and how to incorporate them into your regular meals and snacks.

Citrus Fruits and Red Bell Peppers
Vitamin C, the superstar nutrient in citrus, is famous for supporting the immune system. While vitamin C can't prevent illness, it can shorten the length of a common cold. Vitamin C is necessary for your diet because your body doesn't naturally make the nutrient.

Vitamin C supports your immune system in the following ways:

Protecting your DNA and your body's proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates from damage
Making certain enzymes in your body work
Getting infection-fighting cells to the infection site
Getting rid of cells that are done clearing an infection
You need to consume 100–200 milligrams daily to maintain a healthy level of vitamin C and reduce your risk of illnesses.1

One medium orange provides 70 milligrams, a medium grapefruit contains almost 80 milligrams, and a half cup of raw red bell pepper packs 95 milligrams.…

How is it that we hear so much BAD and GOOD about SALT in our Diet folks? Because we are talking about Two Different Kinds of Salt - completely different - the Unhealthy and the Healthy; the Synthetic and the Natural; the Chemical and Not Chemical. Medicos are absolutely right in telling us to AVOID Common Commercial Table and Cooking Salt but not to Avoid ALL Salt like the plague. Because one is Corrupted and the other is Genuine, provided by NATURE. And hence, it has so many Benefits.

The Hidden Dangers Of Common Commercial Table Salt!

For clarity, we shall look into these things in detail, and you will see what I mean. How good would that be? Because you don't want to be missing out on the many-fold Benefits. TRUE Uncontaminated Salt is VITAL for our Health and our health can actually be compromised without it, whereby we are not functioning at our best.…