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Medical Profession And Big Pharma: Inseparable Allies – Be Careful!

Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

What people don't realize most times is ever since Big Pharma started to gain ground in the 1850s, their intention always is to gain more ground, and they don't care what lengths they have to go to, to gain ever-increasingly more and more ground - like Coca Cola! They are controlled by an insatiable spirit of greed. They have a strong influence on Governments in Western Countries like the USA and Australia because they bring in more revenue than almost anything else.

The FDA in America has been found to be corrupt in what they allow on the market (so many dangerous Medical Drugs affecting millions across the world daily) and what they don't allow (so many natural cures have had to go underground or completely banned). The TGA in Australia strongly favours the Medical establishment over the Natural Health Profession because of the Revenue factor. In Europe, you find that they practice mostly Natural Medicine over there and some of the Islands, where everything's natural, they experience better health. Sometimes there are certain health conditions we experience, don't even exist in their populations. Amazing but true, I find such mentions occasionally in research.

Friends, Natural Health Remedies we can sell and practice with, have very tight restrictions on therapeutic claims that can be made, that are Factual and Safe to take, backed most times by generations of Herbalists, Nutritionists and Folklore (grandparents, greats and great greats practiced them). Have you ever seen those statements at the end of countless articles and information about Natural Products telling you to consult a Medical professional? That is not really for your protection often because Medicos prescribe toxic medications and antibiotics that thrash your Immune System.

The Government System is in their favour isn't it? Perpetually time after time. Yes that's right, like the big huge money making machine that it is - all those Medical Practices out there are Outlets for Big Pharma. In reality, they are legal drug dealers, practicing with toxic, addictive and even fatally dangerous drugs every day, they label as antibiotics and medications "to treat you and make you better." And the MD/GPs who prescribe them see you most times for 5-10 minutes (they could not possibly take everything into account in such a short time like a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist or Aromatherapist can).

There are a few more things you should know before you're so quick to visit a MD/GPs waiting rooms for whatever ails you. You will find they are not your "Knight in Shining Armour" like some have been thinking for years until their health went downhill after some type of Medical Drugs they were prescribed. Sounds serious I know but in the interest of your family, please read on.

The Medical Model of Treatment addresses mostly Symptoms, not the Cause and Prevention, like Natural Health Professionals do. Their remedies assist your body to heal or correct itself. It's only in recent years more people are becoming aware that our body, most times, can do that. On the other hand, manmade drugs "make something happen" - right or wrong, that's what they do and that's the chance you take.

So what we see here is a principle: one Model works with the way nature works (we were created to respond like that). The other model is Man-Made and has flaws - so often, those prescriptions work against the way our body works instead of in harmony with it. That is why there are so many medical induced disorders, just like there are so many Side Effects of almost everything the MD/GPs Specialists and Psychiatrists prescribe. Some of them are Nasty Side Effects, very distressing.

Do you still wish to regularly visit your MD/GP in blind trust?

That is not all, many patients are given other medications for the illnesses that Medical Drugs often cause and the person who went initially with one health complaint ends up with more. But business must go on, shall we say? Pardon the term, I have also been a victim of Medical stuff gone wrong, two different times years ago and those things I endured lasted an awfully long time, to my distress and that of my family. But that's accepted practice friends and I wish to spare you that. Not long after I commenced Research, I came across a handful of people with Medical Induced Conditions and no-one seemed too concerned about their distress either. So I do have a commitment to the benefit of the public along with various Health Advocates who share the same sentiments.

Like I said, in reality, Medical Practices are Agents for Big Pharma, they look to them for most if not all of their advice. It is in Big Pharma's interest to tell them our blood pressure needs to be lower when it is an acceptable count to a Herbalist or Naturopath (more meds, more profits). The same with Cholesterol, you could have a good healthy count, in the judgement of a Herbalist or Naturopath (more meds, more profits). Did you know that Big Pharma is telling the MD/GPs to aim for lower and lower Cholesterol Counts now, to rake in more and more sales? That is exactly what we are often when we visit a Clinic - a customer for a potential sale. Sorry to say that but it's true.

You tell me how-come the establishment promotes Low Fat/No Fat Diets and "Not to have Salt?" Natural Health Professionals won't give you that advice. Why? Because both are contrary to how our body functions and it's requirements.

A Leading NZ Natural Health Advocate And Mentor Speaks Out

Just found this article on an indirect search, from a well known Dr of Chiropractic who was brought up with a mother who was very dependent on visits to their MD/GP that may shed some light on things for you.

Dr Sarah Farrant writes on “Medical Obedience”

When my blinkers were on I thought health was about how you felt … period. If your body looked and felt taut, tight and terrific and no signs or symptoms were present then, according to my world and the books I read, you were ‘healthy’. How naïve I was back then. I was led to believe for the first ten years of my life that health was given to me by something and/or someone other than myself. Indeed, health was given to me from the outside-in by things I consumed (medications) or things I did (physical fitness, eating good food, positive thoughts and being in a happy state) all of which determined my level and expression of health … or so I thought.

There was a simple unspoken rule—a ‘medical obedience’—that governed my life and the lives of those around me. It was this: ‘if you’re sick, take something … it will make you better.’ When ‘it’ (symptom/s) wasn’t there anymore I was deemed by myself, my parents, peers and the private school I attended to be healthy once again. In fact, I thought health existed on a spectrum.

The Oxford Dictionary defines Spectrum as follows:

‘A spectrum is used to classify something in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme points.’

This positional interpretation of health made sense, given the unspoken medical obedience rule I lived by: ‘if you’re sick, take something… it will make you better,’ thereby keeping you nudged towards the right end; the top end where ‘health’ sits. So for the first ten years of my life I obeyed this unspoken medical obedience rule without question and did whatever I could to stay at the top end of the health spectrum which meant consuming medication after medication to make me ‘feel’ better.

The health spectrum I obeyed looked like this:

Death on the far left – then Disease – then Dis-ease – then Health on the far right.

Interestingly, at the tender age of seven I was told by my father that I had all the answers inside of me. All I had to do was ask the question and trust my answer. These were two very conflicting ways of not only looking at my health, but my life as well. On the one hand the actions and observations of my family taught me that I was incomplete and incapable of changing my own health and as a result I was offered, and consumed various medications to take whatever ‘it’ was away. And on the other hand I was told I had all the answers; all I had to do was ask a question and trust my answer. This implied that indeed I was capable of knowing why something had been created within me and that I could change my circumstance if I wanted to.

At the age of ten, I’d experienced an incident where I coughed a couple of times, was whisked off to my uncle’s medical practice, and given a prescription for Amoxicillin. For the first time in my short life I refused to take a medication my mum had offered me. Little did I know that asking the question and trusting my answer that eventful day, ‘saying no’ to my mum and going to my bedroom to rest, would change the course of my life. Most importantly as I got older I wanted to know how people were defining health, what drives people to make the health decisions they do, how does the body express health and who really is molding the way society sees health? It wasn’t until I began studying Psychology and eventually Chiropractic that my encounters with some extraordinary professors, people and authors began to open different worlds for me.

Are you living a life of medical obedience?

Since 1990 Drs Randall & Sarah Farrant have been global mentors to thousands of individuals, families, health professionals, celebrities and sporting personalities. They have facilitated and inspired people to live an alternate and vitalistic life. You can find their website HERE.

Well said Sarah, for decades I have observed Medical Practitioners being looked up to in trust, like they were God or something, and of-course, many do seem to carry a God-Complex: they claim to know everything that's right to do. WRONG that can be a big mistake and has been for many "patients"..... the best thing most of us can do is to phase out the Medical Model, if that's possible for you, take up responsibility for your own health and family. Go Natural and do so wisely. That way, you can become leaders in your own rights and experience Better Health for your time and efforts.

Health and Wellness is an interest Everyone needs to have in this Day and Age because there's so much out there to threaten it. More to cover on Big Pharma in another Post Soon!

Urgent News

Something else I must tell you is that HARVARD can no longer be trusted for Honest Genuine Advice. In recent times, I have seen signs of compromise on their website. I've said to myself "they're selling their name", I saw evidence they have sold their name, when I noticed a webpage of theirs promoting the likes of Cheap Nasty Veggie Oils as good for Inflammation, when Margarine and Veggie Oils including Canola are a MAJOR CULPRIT for Inflammation! Statistics don't lie! That is not all, the feature picture for the article was a macro photo of Trans Fat Oil being poured from a Cheap Nasty Veggie Oil Plastic Container. Reprehensible!

I used to find some good articles on their website at one time. They were noted by some health professionals for giving trustworthy information on certain topics. I think Not after witnessing some blatant lies on their website in recent years - today's was the worst in my opinion. Rather, please be guided by true reputable Health Advocates/Professionals like Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Josh Axe for better resources. They would never mislead you.

Friends, it is becoming increasingly obvious the Medical Profession wants to harm our health not heal us. Truth be told, that's because it is a Sickness Industry.

Caution: Please be careful not to come off their medical drugs suddenly - that can be dangerous too because they have altered your chemistry in some way - we need professional assistance to come off them safely if that is an option for us.

The best thing I can say about the Harvard website now is that it contains some Good and Bad information.

All the best to you, my Readers and Visitors.

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