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The Dangers And Hypocrisy Of The Medical Profession Is Getting Worse Than Religious Agendas

Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Yrs.

I'm here to let you know some Truths about the Medical Profession that could really Save You from a lot of distress, and possibly disruption to your Family Lifestyle if you end up in a worse state of Health. Some of the following Information will be disconcerting but necessary for some because you trust in your Medical Practitioner far too much and are not aware of some of the pitfalls in
"attending Medical Clinics."

Note, some of these things may even be taken as "Scare Mongering" to some of you due to the Concerning Nature of them. But to some of you, this Article could be a LIFELINE you needed when it comes to making some Important Decisions.

If you are a person who gets easily upset or have Anxiety of any kind,
please don't read any further.

I experienced Acute Anxiety many years ago and would not wish you discomfort for anything. Just look after Your Health the Best You can with Healthy Real Foods, some daily Exercise (walking is the most beneficial) and Sunshine (some Sunshine is Good for You and helps to allay some types of Depression and Anxiety) take things Easy - try not to Overthink, that Stresses us out. And Avoid Ruminating as much as Possible (that's when you dwell on things too much) it's an unhealthy habit and can be the very thing that makes you so anxious.

Please do some Reading about it for some Good Tips, and Refrain. HERE
Find some Nice Things to think about instead of Fretting.

A Few Things To Consider

About 90% of the "Treatments" MD/GPs give you are Medical Drugs of some kind or Ongoing Scripts for the same. Yes, all from Big Pharma Via your Chemist/Pharmacy. When you think about it, on average, how many Minutes do they have you in their "Consulting Room" for? Just long enough to "Push a Pen" and hand out a Medical Script. Right? What is the most Common Question they ask you? "Do you need a prescription? Are you out of any Scripts?" then they say Goodbye till Next Time
and repeat the Same thing.

It's a Very Poor Health Model, if you are really interested in Getting Well. And it costs You or the Government $40 - $80 for every 5-10 Minute Visit. This I have found through the years, they are even trained to give "Misleading Advice" like "Don't have any Salt in your Diet" when we all need some Good Healthy Salt to Function Well….."Lets Check your Cholesterol" even though you have no need to do that and "It's Too High, I will have to put you on Statins!"

Mind you, several times in recent years, Big Pharma have Lowered the Bar (how much our Cholesterol Count should not be over, in order to rake in More Profits….and Statins are well Documented by several Cardio Surgeons who Now practice Natural Health, to be Hazardous to Our Health and have even been Life Threatening to many "Patients" because they can strip away the very protection from your Heart they Claim to give.

Do These Sound Familiar?

"You should be using "Polyunsatuated (Veggie - Seed) Oils and Margarine instead of Butter" when they go through a Very Toxic Manufacturing process plus they're very high in Omega 6 fatty acids guaranteed to Compromise Your Health or even make you desperately Ill. "Stay out of the Sunshine"…… well Plants are meant to have Sunshine, and so are we. It's unnatural to Stay Indoors all/most of the time.
That is Unhealthy Advice really. Talk about Misinformation!

There are TWO Ways someone can get Skin Cancer: one is when Toxic Sunscreen products are "Baked into your Skin" and surprisingly, the other is if we never get any Sunshine - the very two things Medicos are telling us to do. Healthy Sunshine plays a very Important Role in helping us have a Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle (the Circadian rhythm) Absorbing Vitamin D naturally greatly Benefits our Overall Health.

Different to what the Medicos would have you believe, the Sun is Not your Enemy! Sunshine is the Best Way we can Absorb Vitamin D. and it has Unique Benefits to our Health. Just avoid long exposure at the wrong times of the day.

Hasty Decisions Made In Rushed Consultations

Medicos are so fast to get you out their Office for the "Next Please?" they have often been found to Prescribe CLASHING SCRIPTS, causing Horendous Pseudo Disorders.

Medical Induced Disorders are on the Rise and have been for some time. I have personally experienced two of those through the years, so I know what I'm talking about - very distressing.

Not Only Side Effects To Be Considered

Have you ever noticed a List of Side Effects on a Prescription packet? Quite disturbing aye? Something your MD/GP or Pharmacist won't tell you is that some of them are Noted among Health Researchers for causing Complications in your Body Chemistry and Health Disorders. On top of everything else mentioned here, many Medications have been found to have an "Addictive Factor" build into them. Yes deliberately Friends. I know it sounds unbelievable but it's true.

Some Medicos Changing Professions Out Of Conscience
And Forsaking Big Pharma

Yes when you have witnessed some of the Webpages from Concerned Professionals who have left the Medical Scene out of Conscience and have Now Changed over to Natural Health, you have absolutely No Idea how Corrupt Big Pharma can be - and have been for Ages now. Some of you may have read Articles about "The Dark Side of Big Pharma"…… you know what I'm talking about.

The Medications They Prescribe Often Cause Health Disorders
(Not Just Side Effects - You Should Be Cautious)

20+ Years ago I had HYPERACUSIS (the nerve fibres in my ears were pretty much destroyed by a life-altering nasty reaction to an Antibiotic called RULIDE and everything was deafening/amplified for 3.5 years, causing me to live in isolation to protect my ears). No Report was ever made about the Rulide at the time either which was Highly Negligent.

That medical situation almost Cost me My Life - due to the immense amount of physical and mental stress of surviving each day on a continual basis, my Liver and Kidneys started shutting down, leaving 40 mins to my life on arrival to a Hospital. Yet the Medical Practice still found no importance to REPORT this to the Manufacturers, which I find reprehensible, having experienced all that!

My Response To A Dodgy Diagnosis And GPs Persistence

When I attended an appointment some time ago a GP wanted to "cut out a skin cancer" I did not have (it was a mere flake left on my forehead after a pimple I had, there is absolutely nothing there to this day, not a trace).

And he wanted to put me on STATINS (from a Lab Report in the notes about 6.5 years previous, the once) no mention of an up-to-date Lab Test to be made for that.

He was irritated when I said I can address Cholesterol through Diet and Exercise if needed. He said "No, that can't be done!" which is an absolute Lie - two elderly GPs who are not so keen on the use of Statins have instructed two people I know, to do that with success.

Plus I've been engaged in Natural Health Research for many years and am aware of much Misleading Information in the Cholesterol Scare Campaign which has persisted all these years with Statins being Big Pharma's biggest Cash Cow. Cholesterol is not the Enemy it's made out to be, but Profiteering with Statins is.

They actually put your heart at risk rather than save it because it strips away the Protective Cholesterol from the heart which actually places it in the danger zone they claim to take you out of. Plus GOOD CHOLESTEROL is also essential for our Nerve Cells and Brain Cells (an absolute must).

In fact, Statins are such a CON there are several True Medical Experts exposing their profession in relation to the use of them, these days. Statins attack both GOOD and Bad Cholesterol. it has even now been discovered that Both the HDL and LDL play important roles, believe it or not.

Anyway, when I said "NO…." to have the Non-Existing "Skin Cancer Cut Out" OR "Take their STATINS" he actually got angry and walked out the Room before me saying "Come back and see me when you want those done!" NO THANKS!

The Arrogance Of A Young "Accomplished Medico" Challenged

I went to get a diagnosis of a Digestive Upset on one occasion, to see exactly what
I was dealing with, and when the GP said he would give me an Antacid for that (a pretty strong one) I said I would use a particular Herb instead (that happens to be an effective Medicinal Herb I'm aware of) his tone of voice changed to authoritative with a smirk as he said "that hasn't been proven" so I would take the prescription.

To that I replied "it happens to be one of our Best Remedies practiced for many years" and he repeated "it hasn't been proven".......... He is good at Diagnosis but I didn't care for his remedy because Antacids create problems of their own and are really not good for our Gut.

Since he took it on himself to get smug about things and attack Herbalist Remedies Big Pharma doesn't care to prove the efficacy of anyway because there's NO PROFIT in them for their GREEDY POCKETS, I said to myself "I should not let him get away with that, and leave it unchallenged!"

So I Quietly and Directly said to him "And can you prove to me that Medical Remedies do not cause deaths?"

His Response to my Question: he immediately Shut Up
and there was absolute silence!

Because he knows very well that quite a number of their Medications DO Cause deaths, yet they prescribe them anyway.. They're not referred to as "Medical Drugs" in some Countries for nothing!

On another occasion, I went to have an Injury Checked Out

He quickly diagnosed as a Rotary Cuff Problem and he said to me "That's Serious"
and he would have a Surgeon standing by.

My response said "No Thank You!" in my thoughts and my Instincts told me to "GO PHYSIO" for that. Even though I did not have much to do with Physiotherapists,
I had a Positive Experience with one once, so I Opted to give it a try.

The Physio gave me a little treatment with some Equipment he had, and prescribed an Exercise I could do, and Full Movement was Restored within a few weeks. I have absolutely no problem picking up 25kg Bags of Potting Soil and Moving them around to this day:)

Taking Prescriptions From Medical Practitioners Often Proves To Be Very Serious Business!

Friends, you should be aware of these things. In Reality, every Medical Practice you attend and Chemist/Pharmacy you Visit, has a certain amount of Casualties every so ofen (weekly or monthly) who did not make it, on some of those Medications they Prescribe and Dispense. Their Families lost them. Yet those Practitioners keep prescribing them and the Chemists/Pharmacies keep dispensing them. That's right, the SAME Medical Drugs that take lives Worldwide are kept from your knowledge.

Yet they take great pride in diverting your attention to the Natural Health Profession often when mentioned, calling US Quacks and Our Remedies are "Not Proven" they say, when I can Assure You "the shoe is on the other foot"………THEY are the Ones LOSING Patients sometimes, on the Man-Made Medical Drugs they prescribe them whereas if someone's System reacts to a Remedy we give them, they only have to discontinue it and their System Returns to Normal very quickly.

I mean to say, who are the QUACKS in this Story?

Some Important Questions To Ask Ourselves In A Medical Dominated Society
Is The Family Tradition Of Depending On GPs A Good One?
Does Our Innocent Trust Pay? And Who Does It Pay?

As for "Proven Remedies" how many Well Patients do you see in their Waiting Rooms? Usually a pretty sick bunch of people coming in for their Next Script, right?
I put it to you, that Medicos are often "On the Offensive" about True Health Professionals who are too busy Getting People Well and teaching them How to Maintain GOOD HEALTH they have helped them achieve, to engage themselves
in such conjecture.

Another thing I should bring to your attention is Medico's Aim for a Lot of Lifetime Customers with their Medications, that require Ongoing "Repeat" Prescriptions.

That's Big Pharma's Way of doing things "Keep the PROFITS Coming In!" Being the Big Money Grabbing Machine They ARE. Big Pharma is Not Interested in Your Health or Your Family's. True to their nature, they have just One Non Stop Insatiable Appetite for MONEY, MONEY, MORE MONEY as many of us are well aware.

ALL Medical Practices are AGENTS for Them.
Hence, I often refer to the Medical Profession as a "Sickness Industry"

Apart from that, do you know who OWNS BIG PHARMA? Try this for Size.
A quick Google Search reveals that for us:

IT READS: BlackRock and Vanguard form a Secret Monopoly that Own just about
Everything Else you can think of too!
In all, they have Ownership in 1,600 American firms and $9.1 Trillion between them.
Sony. Comcast, News Corp and Disney are Major Shareholders.

In other words, they're into Profiteering and Maximizing their Profits no matter What. They're NOT into HEALTH - Yours or Mine - It's nothing but a Real POWER Game, like Rockerfellow & Rothchild…..Bill Gates…. Your ILL HEALTH is their Wealth. WHY would they want to get You WELL when SICKNESS is MORE Profitable? Tell me, if you have a Better Answer? The PROOF is in the OWNERSHIP you read from the Google Search.

Independent Researchers KNOW BEST They're Not PAID To Mislead You!

A Well Established FACT to Researchers is Every Medical Practice and Practitioner are AGENTS for BIG PHARMA, like it or not, regardless of how Nice your MD/GP
may be. They have the Task of dispensing Chemical Scripts with Side Effect Profiles, Risky Scripts and Dangerous Life Threatening Scripts on a daily basis. If a Medical Script makes someone ILL give them another Script to address that, and so forth. Not a very nice Industry to be in - they would have to offend their conscience each working day - but it Pays Well. $40 - $80 per 5-10 Minutes "Consultation"
is not "Chip Potatoes!"

Did You Know These Things? Researchers Are Well Aware Of Them!

Plus Affluent Pharmaceutical Companies have a very generous "Lurks and Perks" System in place to Insentivise them to Keep Dispensing as Many Cash Cow Medications as possible - STATINS being their Best Cash Cow - whether the "Patient needs them or not. Don't believe Me? It is a well known Fact to Researchers like myself that Big Pharma keeps Lowering the Bar in Recent Years for a Cholesterol Reading - not to go Anything above that. Why would they do that? Give you one Guess.

So again, I ask you for your sake "Who are the Quacks?" when it comes to YOUR HEALTH.

Yes, you could say that it's actually a Form of a "Slave" TRADE those Practitioners are in, isn't it? aka You do the dirty work for us and we'll keep compensating you. Just DO what we say! Mark these words, that ALL MD/GPs "Follow Orders!" Some to a lesser extent than others, like a dear Old-Fashion Indian Practitioner who used to Dodge all the Dodgy Medications he could, to prescribe something a "little safer" for you.

Honestly, it's like a real task of "Hop Scotch" to land on the right Square (a game we used to play in school years ago, you had to put quite some effort into) OR a ""Balancing Act" for Shyam to do what he did for his Patients. He was a Real Human Being, pass Retirement Age because he really LOVED his Patients and often ran late with appointments or took less of them, so he could Spend Time with each one, having a Caring or Interesting conversation with them.

People like him are very few and far apart. Maybe once in a lifetime. He shook his head at the mention of some Medications and warned to "STAY AWAY from them, don't touch those! They Cause this, they Cause that. No Stay Away from those!" It's pretty Sad in that Profession really, for anyone who IS a Human Being. That's why So Many have Nervous Breakdowns and Leave. Not just because people are so Sick these days, but because Big Pharmas type of Expectations on them Really Offends and they just can't handle it anymore. It's a lot more than they bargained for when they first got their Diploma.

I Just did a Check Online for Medical Practice Charges. They Read:

GP Fees & Payments are $81.20 Now
Payable on the day of appointment: $81.20
Extended Consultations $119.70

Other fees and charges may apply

"We are Here to Help Find the Best Solution for you"

Like many people today, I find that to be Absolute Hypocrisy!

Excuse Me, Solution? WHAT SOLUTION!?

Without much food for thought (limited information about your Health Profile
and what you came about) they grab the first thing on the top of their head
(Medical Drug of some kind that comes to mind) type the Name into their Computer
that pelts it out through the Printer, hand it to you and rush you out the door,
for their Next Customer.

That's the SOLUTION? Costs them nothing, no effort, and you're out the door in a Flash.
And each person who comes in for those few minutes, Costs Them or the Taxpayers $81.20
EXCUSE ME…..What a Lucrative Industry…..That's a Solution?

So what do we See Here? Just as Suspected and Evidenced for Decades, BIG PHARMA is ALL About
MONEY Not Really Concerned about People's HEALTH and WELFARE at all! Yep That's their TRUE COLORS.
And that is the Majority of the "Medical Practitioners" you go to who Work for Them as AGENTS.

Please Do Not Stop Taking These Medications Suddenly: Cardio Meds; Blood Thinners; Blood Pressure Meds; Anti-Anxiety Meds: Anti-Depressants; Anti-Psychosis Meds etc If You Have Bipolar Or Schizophrenia It May Be Be Out Of The Question For You. Please Seek The Professional Guidance Of Someone Who Specializes In Integrative Medicine; Functional Food Medicine; A Capable Experienced Naturopath OR Herbalist For Wise Supervision If There Are Options For Your Health Condition. Because Your Body Chemistry OR Brain Chemistry Has Been So Altered By These Medications, It Is Dangerous To Stop Taking Them Yourself Without Professional Assistance. I Wish You Well.

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