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“Nutrition Experts” OR Puppets ON Strings? Who Are YOU Trusting In?

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Yrs

Do you believe Everything you Hear and Read? As a Researcher, I don't - there is so much Ignorance and Flawed Medical Science out there. Deliberate attempts of the Food Industry to give Misleading Guidelines and Advice to the Public. Even to Practitioners. They do this for Their Advantage - Not Your Health!

We have Dedicated Whistle Blowers to Thank for Some Knowledge which has gone Public for sometime now. Highly skilled Workers from their Science Lab Departments etc. They left those Companies out of Conscience because much of what they had to do for those Giant Food Companies really Offended them. That is, Harming People's Health to Earn a Living. They just could not do it anymore! Can you blame them?

The Misleading Advice Friends, is a Classic for INVESTED INTERESTS if ever there was one! So Truth of the matter is, Who are You Trusting In for Nutritional Advice? And what's the Real Source of Their Advice? YES! It's a Corrupt Industry - these Food Giants - who have Infiltrated Official Government Bodies and certain Medical Laws in Relation to Nutrition, and have Saturated the Market Place with All Manner of UNHEALTHY FOODS with "Healthy" CLAIMS…….

"Oh, there's Vitamins in there" (that is among all the unhealthy ingredients, added Chemicals and preservatives)

They Pay Media Big Money to Keep Perpetuating their LIES and SELLING Their Products. Mark these Words, it's "RISKY Business" to take Your Nutrition Advice from Food Manufacturers due to this "Conflict of Interest"…besides, it is Not their Profession.

they will always back what is the Cheapest to Make (whether it's Food or Not) what Sells the Most (appeals to your liking aka taste, color, fun etc) reguardless of How ILL it makes You (and members of your family)

Absolute MONEY MONGERS They Are: An Industry Without A Conscience "It Is Seared With A Hot Iron" They charge You the Earth for Most Packets of Cereal these days, containing devitalised Ingredients, loaded with Sugar, and Artifical Colors often, then add a few Synthetic Vitamins to make these PSEUDO Foods sound healthy.


Friends, in the name of Truth I tell you, these BOGUS CLAIMS they have been making about This and That, we base our Nutritional Knowledge on, and have even been taught to us from an early age in the Education System are Outrageous. I am referring to the Absolute LIES imposed on us for decades now like:

Sugar is Natural - when it is Not, the actual Manufacturing Process it undergoes is TOXIC to our System, a Medical Drug invented by a Pharmacist, if you please? (check that out if you like); the Artificial Sugar Replacements they have Introduced to the Public in the name of "Healthier" and more "Acceptable" to those who have become Wary of Sugar, that in reality are actually 10 Times Worse than Sugar - a Leading Course of many Baffling Health Disorders of this Modern Day, the Generation in which we live. HERE

EVEN STEVIA and ERYTHRITOL are found to be dangerous to our health now!
I was surprised about the Stevia HERE but have always had strong instincts about the Erythritol. Read HERE
TRUVIA is a double Whammy - It contains both Stevia and Erythritol!

The Anti-Cholesterol No-Fat and No-Fat Food Products Flooding our Supermarkets desecrate Our Health because they alter aspects of our Body Chemistry (the way our Body is Designed to Function) HERE

We should Never let Commercial Enterprise Run Nutrition Guidelines in the first place. But there they are, Lobbying behind our Backs, according to Honest Scientists like Professor Tim Spector who wrote a book "Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food Is Wrong" (Published 27.8.20) HERE who wrote:

The Big Food Giant Companies who pretty much Run the Show, when it comes to Nutrition Guidelines and Information DO have ways of Twisting Things with Persuasive Advice to Decision Makers in Government Panels of Experts what is right and wrong for our Diet and Family Nutrition.

Note: The above content is for Natural Health Information Purposes, to Educate Members of the Public Avoid certain Foods I consider to be Perilous to Our Health. It is not given to Diagnose or Treat but to Help Us make Informed Decisions. I recommend Natural Health Practitioners like Naturopaths and Herbalists and Functional Food Practitioners over Medical. Please don't stop Medications abruptly because it can be risky.

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