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Sunny Days Ahead – Don’t Stay Away From Sunshine

So many are told to "Stay Away From Sunshine" in Western Countries like USA and Australia. That is based on Flawed Health Science. The Medical Profession is into a lot of that. Many times, if something is GOOD For You, they will tell you it's Bad for you, and Visa-Versa. I've found that through the years. As for taking our beautiful SUNSHINE away, no wonder so many people are feeling Bleak. Let's have Sunshine Inside (of us) and Outside. Both are Healthy, hey!?

Let's Have Sunshine And Brighten Up Our Days!!!

By Dr Al Sears Integrative Medicine Practitioner/International Researcher

Remember the first day of Spring when you opened the blinds to let the Sunshine in? Remember that full-of-energy, ‘happy-go-lucky’ feeling? Have you been missing those Sunny Days?

Many of my patients avoid the Sun like the plague. All they hear is that Sunshine poses serious threats to your health. With all these warnings about the Sun, why wouldn’t they?

Despite the bad rap it often gets, Sunshine is Good for You — if, like everything else, you don’t abuse it. Today, I’ll share some of the benefits of enjoying Sunshine each day – to Lift your spirits and Improve your Health.

* Sunlight Improves Your Health *

When my patient, Cindy M., visited my office, she complained of having no energy. She was always tired, didn’t feel much like eating, and had no interest in doing anything after getting out of bed each day. She had signs of depression.

After talking with Cindy about her problems, I realized that she spent all of her time inside because she had deep-rooted fears about Sun exposure. It was a shame because a little exposure to the Sun could go a long way in making her feel better.

Moderate exposure to natural Sunlight is a great way to lift your mood and increase your energy levels. It can also improve your health. The Sun:

• Stimulates your Immune System. (Immune cell activity rises when melatonin levels rise in response to sun exposure.)

• Stimulates the body’s production of vitamin D (Vit D is known to boost memory, performance and reduce the risk of several cancers, including colon, breast, and prostate.)

• Regulates sleep cycles and induces more restful stages of sleep.

Cindy followed my advice and started spending a few minutes in the Sun Every Day. When she came to my office for her follow-up visit in one month, she was a much different woman. Her infectious Smile and Friendly Attitude had returned. She had More Energy and was more Enthusiastic about Life.

*Include Natural Sunshine In Your Daily Diet*

A few rays of Sunshine will boost your energy and your outlook on life. Moderation is key. If you are fair skinned, avoid the mid-day sun between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Tanning booths have the most intense – and most damaging – UVA rays. I have no use for them.

You can take several precautions when getting your daily dose of sunshine.

• If you are only out for a few minutes, you don’t need any protection.

• For longer times, you can protect your skin from overexposure with a sunscreen that has an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or higher. Although the truth is, as much as these sunscreens are advocated, no one has actually proven that they are effective or safe.

• Wear UV sunglasses to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes.

• And, the best protection for your face? Wear a hat.

Source HERE

NOTE: He forgot to tell you that most Sunscreens these days are Toxic.
If that is baked onto someone's skin, that's how they get Skin Cancer.
Also, many people who don't have any Sunshine get that too!

Janets Comments


When so many people were catching COVID in 2020 in the USA, Florida was pretty much Free of it because they just Love their SUNSHINE and enjoy lots of it. Even some people with Cancer have been advised Naturally, to have a good supply of Sunshine.

It has also been discovered in recent years that it's the absence of Sunshine that caused many people to get Cancer, not exposure to it. And a common cause of Skin Cancer is when Sunscreens full of chemicals caused the Sunshine to bake those toxic chemicals into the skin, rather than the absence of Sunscreen.

Did you hear about the People in Florida USA in 2020, that most of them didn't pick up the COVID because they LOVE the SUNSHINE So Much, they kept doing that. I read somewhere, they were the Only Place in the USA that weren't affected by the Pandemic. Let that be a Testimony to Good Healthy Sunshine, if you practice Wise Exposure when you are not used to much:)

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