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Whats The Verdict? Kids Playing Outside Like They Did Years Ago Is In. Its OK!

By Janet Vargas - Natural Health Researcher

So don't be frightened of germs because there are Good Germs as well, kids are missing out on that benefit their Immune System. It’s much Safer than text books say – just one of many practices grandparents and their grandparents encouraged, and their kids were healthier than children Today. No they weren’t mistaken – less educated but not silly. We have been, to take so much notice of information we have been brought up with medical influence. TV and TEC are not Baby Sitter, but we have substituted them for Good Healthy Outdoor Play, Aye?

Encourage Your Kids To Get Their Hands Muddy Or Sandy - Its Good For Them!

And today’s Medical System always scaring us into Antibiotics and Vaccines  - half of which are not appropriate for or country here in Australia. We are not in a Third World Country, and people who live in the Islands are healthier than we are without a Medical Establishment, who are always finding more ways to rake in more profits.

I don’t think there are many of us who remain ignorant to the likes of Big Pharma after 2020 – what a boost to the Industry. I don’t think there will be many so trusting of the people in white coats after all the News Announcements in recent times. Many of us are starting to think twice.

So lets take a leaf out of our Grandparents book and our Great Greats concerning their wisdom with Kiddies Playtime, hey?

So turns out, there are Beneficial Microbes in Good Old Fashioned Dirt that help fortify our Immune System.

Ever noticed that Gardeners are quite Healthy people usually? I have. Most times, they don’t have to run to the nearest Drugstore (pharmacy) for the latest Antibiotic for influenza whatever because they are fortified against Common Colds etc with all the Fresh-Air and Sunshine they get and Contact with the Soil – not to mention Home Grown Veggies often!


I’d rather be an enemy of Science (in some of it’s forms) than an enemy of Nature aka you can’t do this and you can’t do that. Never have there been so many Rules or Misleading Information out there since Modern Medicine became the accepted source for Health Information.


The More the Better If you want Strong Healthy Kids. This is going to mean a kind of Culture Change for many of you and would mean Shock Culture to some of you who like the pretty little dresses and cleanly kept trousers, hair kept neatly in place etc and frequent hand washing, most likely with Antibacterial Soap On Tap even before 2020 – it will pay dividends to your child’s Health if you can make the transition. I will applaud your efforts.

Mums and Dads, why not start today, this week?  less hand washing in the home (always take care to wash your hands well when you come in from shopping because we touch money and door handles other people have handled (even in the absence of a pandemic) and before food preparation which is still Good Hygiene. If you really can’t come at dirt, at-least get your kids an old-fashioned SANDBOX from Bunnings or other store, I saw some nice ones there just recently. Maybe take up a little Veggie Patch or Flower Patch for your kids. Their hearts will be filled with intrigue when the Veggies and Flowers start to GROW.

To sum things up a little, the Medical Profession’s work with Mothers of Newborns, has taught us to over-sterilize everything for babies and keep them impeccably clean. Our materialistic society has played a part in this too, as a family because of Manufacturers promotions of Cleaning Products and Personal Products. Oh for some BALANCE to make it’s way into Our Hearts and Homes. Our Kids need this and ALL of us do.

Good Wishes To My Readers.

I will be writing another article about following the lead of our Grandparents and Great Greats very soon. Returning to the Old Ways - in different respects - for GOOD HEALTH. There's so much we can Learn from Them. We need to Unlearn certain things that have worked pretty strongly into our Present Culture.

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