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Part-Time Christians: What Is That? Can You Please Explain? Yes I Will.

By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website

Part-Time Christians are mostly Churchy Christians who behave alright some of the time and not alright other times OR even most of the time. They are kind of alright when they're on the Church Scene, attending Services or Functions or playing a certain Role, be it Pastoral, Reception, Leading Women's Groups or Craft Groups Etc

If you are a Church Person and you think I may be getting the Church a “Bad Name”…… don’t worry because the Church already has one. I just like to make sure Jesus doesn’t take the Bad Wrap anymore and help people recognise the difference, passing on some Benefits instead of “Would you like to come to my Church?” and the person is thinking “Help No!” Honestly Folk, Walking with Jesus is Better than that – more Real, more Personal.

Yes like some of you, I have encountered those kind of people through the years, so I can relate with you. Let me tell you, that is Not what Following Jesus and
Walking with Jesus is about. Truly Believing in and Walking with Jesus is foremostly Relating with Him and Relating with Those Around Us. That doesn't mean Your Church People OR your Favorite Click (those you prefer to relate with) that means relating well or nicely with everyone All the time not Sometimes when you are on your 'best behavior' aka you are playing a Role OR your Pastor may see. Mmmm.

I can prove these things are Paramount with Jesus - how you treat Him and
Each-Other - in 2 Simple Commands Jesus gave us, not 10 - because He said to His Followers to "Love Him with All their Heart, Mind and Strength (like we do with our Loved Ones) and to Treat Others like We Wish to Be Treated"……. Sweet and Simple. You don't need a list of Commands when you keep those Two because they Cover Everything. Do they not?

Yes they do, and I don't see many "Church People" keeping them. In fact, I have encountered the Opposite with "Churchy Christians" many times through the years, even though I don’t attend a Church 20+ Years (I prefer personal genuine fellowship over Institutional that was Constantine’s Model, not Early Believers) Sad to say Friends, I cannot call them True Believers because those 2 Commands is the standard Jesus Set, not me - I just like to live by them.

I hope this helps to clear things up for some of you.
And I wish you a pleasant day or evening.

Let's Raise The Standard, Jesus Purposed Christianity To Be A Better WAY Of LIFE
not just another Religion.
Bible speaks of JESUS being the "New LIVING Way"
I sang a Song not long after finding Jesus, that says:
"In this New and Living Way, I am Walking day by day -
I am Guided and Led by His Right Hand"

So if you are one of the Better People who attend a Church
(and there are many - nice to know)
Consider spreading the Word around to others where you Fellowship, hey?
There was a really Great Place of Fellowship I loved attending years ago
that had a Presence of Jesus and a Spiritual Family emphasis.
There wasn't anything like it my side of the City - that's very sad -
Christianity wasn't meant to be spiritually impoverished.
That's why Many Christians are choosing Home Churches these days.
It's much Healthier. That's the way Early Christians fellowshipped together.
The Roman Emperor sought a way to Weaken Christianity
when he made it a State Institution with a Local Churches Set-Up in 330AD
because HOME FELLOWSHIP was the STRENGTH of Christians
and so Many people asked to join them - they were a Healthy Influence!

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Have A Nice Day Or Pleasant Evening Friends
Janet Cares!
(Jesus Inspires Me This Way)
"Peace, Grace and Joy to You"

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